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    23 Cute And Pretty Things Under $10 That You Should Treat Yourself To

    You'll want 'em all.

    1. A cute lil' cable protector that'll prevent your charging cords from fraying and shredding. Too much tension and bending at the end of the cords can cause connection issues, and those lightning cables are too darn pricy to replace frequently.

    2. A flat-based bowl with a mood-lifting tropical print that’ll make you want to chop up a fruit salad pronto. But hey, you can also use it slurp up a hot, hot serving of late-night instant noods.

    3. A punny pillowcase that'll add a surprise pop of blue to your bed. If you love both outer space and your own space, this starry and soft pillowcase is especially for you.

    4. A cute floral mug that emphasizes that kindness is always in fashion. So steep yourself some calming tea or froth up a cappuccino, maybe give your mom a call, and text your loved ones asking how they are.

    5. A top-rated book full of little things all '00s kids will relate to. It contains quizzes and pop culture references that'll transport you straight back to the aughts, wearing your hair in spikes or pairing dresses with jeans.

    6. A glimmering seashell necklace if you miss going to the beach a lot. This little mermaid-y trinket will keep you company until you can hit the waves. Plus, it has a thick and flexible snake chain that won't break on you at the first snag.

    7. A pair of sheer tights, because you just can't have enough sheer tights. Pick up the maroon option to add unexpected colour to your outfit, or go with black to keep it classic.

    8. A bestseller from The Ordinary, the AHA+BHA Peeling Solution, which is a perfect ten-minute exfoliating facial. It's a gentler formula, but like other chemical peels, it can leave you skin temporarily more photo-sensitive. And guess who's not leaving the house a lot these days? Perfect timing.

    9. A big container of Neutrogena Body Balm from their popular Hydro Boost line that'll keep suppleness locked into your skin, without leaving a thick or greasy film. It absorbs quickly, leaving nothing parched.

    10. A faux-silk pillowcase that'll make you feel like you're sleeping on a satiny piece of paradise. Cotton pillowcases can cause hair breakage, so something with a little more slip may be just what you need to keep those locks luscious and that face blemish free. It's especially great for curl maintenance.

    11. A set of chair-shaped wall hooks that are stupid-cute and perfect for hanging small items, like your keys, a scarf, your headphones, or stray cables. I would even use them to hang necklaces that get tangled, personally!

    12. A chunky gold bracelet with beautiful turquoise and green stone detailing that'll make any plain old blouse something special. The adjustable cuff keeps it comfy for all wrist sizes, too!

    13. A quad of pinch bowls that'll add some colour and pattern to your dinner spread. Serve your little garnish items, sauces, or tapas in these eye-catching ceramic dishes to make dinner time an upgraded experience.

    14. A rose sheet mask that's a total explosion of hydration. It's soaked in moisturizing and revitalizing essences that'll give any dull complexion a whole new glow.

    15. A set of neon and spotted clips that'll keep your hair in place with their nostalgic design. Neon jelly accessories and animal print were huge in the '90s, and guess what's back in fashion? You guessed it — the '90s.

    16. A shimmering eyeshadow topper that'll take your look from 10 to 💯 in a couple of swipes. It'll give your lids an iridescent, three-dimensional sparkle that'll leave you with dozens of makeup selfies in your phone gallery.

    17. A tin of Burt's Bees lip butter that harnesses the goodness of orange blossom and pistachio to create one moisturizing and delicious-smelling treatment. Slap some on your pout every few hours or put on a thick layer before bedtime for an all-night pout pampering sesh.

    18. A pair of crystal teardrop studs that scream gold goth. These are light enough to wear all day, every day. Alternatively, you can just do a messy bun and put these on for your hour-long work meeting to serve video call vixen looks.

    19. A beachy bamboo tumbler to sip peach iced tea out of every sunny afternoon. It's made of 100% moulded bamboo fibre, so you're saving the planet while enjoying your chilled bevvy.

    20. A bottle of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that's a huge hit on beauty YouTube. It's light and melts your makeup, so you can wipe it away with a soft cloth or wash it with warm water. It’s perfect if you’re into double cleansing, and it can also be used to cleanse a makeup-free face.

    21. An earring set containing three dainty pairs of hoops that can be worn with their cute charms or on their own for a minimalist vibe. Give a pair to a friend or keep them all for yourself! (This is a judgment-free zone.). Gold hoops are an evergreen accessory, and a must-have in every earring collector's stash.

    22. A bestselling game of toilet basketball that'll keep you busy if you forget to bring your phone to burn away the minutes while doing your business. That's two kinds of slam dunking, if you think about it. 🏀💩

    23. And lastly, a pair of hydrogel eye patches that'll rehydrate tired, under-eye skin and combat dark circles and puffiness. And what's more luxurious than a cooling, cucumber-drenched mask for your peepers?

    Let the budget shopping begin!

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