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    23 Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Just A Box Of Chocolates

    It’s 2020 — your Mom wants something different.

    1. An in-home gardening system that will bring them fresh herbs, greens, or cherry tomatoes no matter what the weather. There's no soil, so there's no mess, and the UV lights provide the plants all the "sun" they'll need.

    2. A concoction maker that'll turn their home into a happening bar. It creates delicious icy drinks, so they won't miss getting their favourite margaritas, daiquiris, coladas, and spiked smoothies while they stay home.

    3. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that's also a can holder, so they can enjoy some music and a can of pop or beer while they condition their locks.

    4. A hydrating hand mask, because their paws deserve love, too. This one comes with foil mitts that use warming thermotherapy technology to infuse hydration deep into the skin. When they take them off 20 minutes later, they won't be able to stop touching their own hands.

    5. A single-serve coffeemaker from Keurig that'll make them their own barista. It'll make them regular coffee, coffee shots, lattes, and froth up hot OR cold coffee in seconds, so they'll never want to grab a Tim's cappuccino again.

    6. And a stainless steel conical mill made specially to grind coffee beans to perfection, so they can experience top-notch freshness. It preserves the natural oils and flavour of coffee and has 18 grinding settings, so they'll have the exact granular or fine texture they need to make different kinds of joe.

    7. A dark grey tee for the mom who simply can't get enough of Friends reruns. It'll let them show off their obsession with the show without verbal references. It's softer than a cloud and the uncomplicated cut makes it a dream to pair with all kinds of bottoms and layers.

    8. A hand-drawn art print featuring the cutest (and most enormous) sea mammals — whales! It's perfect for the mom who loves nature documentaries. Whether it's narwhals or belugas, this poster has 'em all, so they can live their Planet Earth fantasy from their living room.

    9. A summery one-piece swimsuit that'll make them feel like a glass of chilled vodka-cran and look forward to opening the pool. The retro fit and vintage floral pattern are too cute on anyone! Watch them get excited for a dip and whip out their favourite sun hat.

    10. A pair of Nike Air Zooms that are as fashionable as they are, so they can enjoy their morning runs or evening walks in style. The sneakers are light on the feet and have super grippy soles, so mama can have a comfortable run even when it's raining.

    11. An oversized polka-dotted shirt for all their mirror selfies. Whether they want to wear in cinched in with pants or loosely with some denim shorts, they'll look A+. Polka dots are always a win (and anyone who says otherwise can catch me out at sundown).

    12. A cozy and casual top that looks as soft as cuddles and is knotted in the front for a fashionable touch. The long sleeves will make sure their wrists stay toasty on nippier spring days.

    13. A pair of Nintendo Pro Gaming earphones especially made for the Switch, so the mom who can't get enough of their Animal Crossing can tune out the noise and catch some tuna in peace.

    14. An electronic brush cleaner that help them catch up on washing their brushes. It'll only take 15 minutes to wash AND dry their favourite tools, and the head fits brushes thick and thin, so their life will be infinitely easier.

    15. A wine dispenser and aerator, so they can enjoy an upgraded version of heir favourite red. All they'll have to do is insert the bottle and press the button to get rich-tasting vino whenever they miss hitting the bars.

    16. A bunch of fresh flowers to liven up their home with natural, vibrant beauty, because gifts don't always have to be long lasting to leave an impression. And nothing beats the look and feel of soft, fragrant petals in springtime! 🌹🌷🌺🌸

    17. A boba tea AirPods case for the mom who loves picking up their chilled, tapioca pearl-filled beverage. The adorable smiley face will charm them and keep their precious AirPods safe and scratch free.

    18. A Korean jelly-cream moisturizer that's 92% snail mucin. Yup, you read right — that's the slimy stuff snails leave on their trail, and turns out, it's GREAT for your skin. It'll soothe, heal, and leave their skin plump, so they feel fresher than a well-watered plant.

    19. A mustard-yellow armchair that'll quickly become their new throne. The vintage design and eye-catching colour will make 'em wanna brew a cup of tea, read a new book, listen to some music, or just relax and meditate.

    20. Speaking of reading, a clip-on book light that's portable enough to accompany them literally anywhere, and make reading easier on the eyes no matter what the lighting conditions in the room are. The goose neck is flexible and will light up books every size — plus, the anglerfish head is too darn cute.

    21. A cushioned yoga mat that'll be gentle on all their joints and make getting in pose extra relaxing. It's thick and comfy enough to even allow a lil' nap, if they get tired.

    22. A couple of gorgeous hanging planters for the mom who's not just a parent to you, but also to their plants. These are suspended with genuine leather straps and the khaki brown and yellow hues will look great anywhere in their house.

    23. And lastly, a massage mat that'll melt them into a puddle of relaxation. It vibrates to release tension from sore muscles and can be rolled for easy storage. Plus, it's long enough to care of 🎶 their neck, their back, their lumbar, aaand their legs. 🎶 Mama deserves that, TBH.

    Mom @ you when they look at those gifts:

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