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This Teen Taught Herself How To 3D Print Clothes And People Are Loving It

"We have to protect her and her concepts."

Meet Shami Oshun, an 18-year-old fashion designer from the Bay Area in California.

Gabriel Medina / @gobspeed

Oshun taught herself how to make clothes with a 3D printer last year. She told BuzzFeed News that she got into 3D printing after she had designs she knew wouldn't be possible with fabric.

Hi Twitter, my name is Shami Oshun. I am 18. I taught myself how to 3D print in August 2017. As of today I am the y…

"Once I found out about 3D printing it opened this whole new world of possibilities," she said.

If your not familiar with a 3D printer this is a simple version of how I design and print!

Gabriel Medina / @gobspeed

She said her mentor told her about 3D printing and connected her to a space where she could print and get help.

Gabriel Medina / @gobspeed

Oshun said she was inspired by buildings, nature, and memories. "But I wouldn't say there is a direct connection because once I start creating the pieces my hand just take control," she said.

Gabriel Medina / @gobspeed

Oshun said her goal is to turn what she does into a major fashion house.

Gabriel Medina / @gobspeed

People have already been praising Oshun for her work.

Twitter: @_mckiss

Talking about the responses to her tweet, Oshun said she found people to be very supportive and said she appreciates it.

She added: "I know in my tweet I said, 'inspiring black girls,' but that's not to discourage other people but to just focus on black girls because we are the very underrepresented in tech and fashion."

@bluexheeta @adafruit Why can't it inspire little white girls too? Seems a little one sided to me...

Black girl magic!

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