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    This Woman's Story About Meeting Halsey Multiple Times Has Made People Emotional

    "This thread makes me cry tears."

    Meet 28-year-old Arianna Smith from LA who works at the Dodger Stadium as a concession stand attendant.


    Smith is a fan of Halsey and told BuzzFeed News she wanted to see her at the Jimmy Kimmel show but found out her ticket was fake.

    Just to let you know what kind of person Ashley (halsey) is: she’s done many things for me but this one really touched me. A while back she was doing a performance and I had a fake ticket but didn’t know until I got turned away. I ran to this hotel next to the venue to cry and

    She said: "I got my ticket from a girl on Twitter but it wasn’t real and Jimmy Kimmel tickets are only redeemable by the person who originally got them which I didn’t know."

    She said she then went to a hotel lobby to get some wifi and someone with blue hair who saw her crying asked her if she was okay. That person turned out to be Halsey.

    Get wifi and I see blue hair next to me. Halsey asked me if I was ok bc I was bawling my eyes out and I said “they won’t let me in your show” and she got real serious and upset and was like “who won’t?” And I was like someone gave me a fake ticket and I can’t get in. She turned

    She said: "I couldn’t even freak out about that or even process it because I was so devastated at being turned away all I could do was cry and ramble to her. I doubt I was making sense and she was late for sound check."

    Smith said it all started to sink in when she was waiting for Halsey's manager to come back with a wristband for her.

    She said: "She listened and then passed me over to her manager and apologized that she had to rush off to sound check. She was already late."

    To Anthony her manager and told him to take care of me and make sure I get in and am comfortable. I got to be the only fan let in to watch her soundcheck. I was center barricade and I got to selfie with her after. The first thing she said to me was “IM SO HAPPY YOU WERE ABLE TO

    Smith said she was the only fan given access to the soundcheck and said the experience was really cool.

    GET IN!!!” She was genuine. I know this sounds like I’m y/n but before things got hectic Hadley treated us like her friends. I’ve been to dinner with her and hung out in parking lots drinking with her prior to her success. She’s amazing and doesn’t deserve hate and “jokes”

    Smith said: "She was working with the sound guys so she wasn’t interacting with me but I did feel special to be there and the whole line of fans could see me in there."

    But Smith said this wasn't the first time Halsey has helped her out. Halsey used to come by a café that Smith used to work at and when Smith asked for this photo her boss said he would fire her.

    Twitter: @hoodniggahoseok

    Smith said: "The first time she came in I asked her for a picture and my boss was gonna fire me for asking her.

    "I came back to her table to bring her the food she ordered and apologized for making her uncomfortable [which] my boss accused me [of].

    "She got upset when I told her my boss was going to fire me and demanded to speak to her and begged my boss not to fire me and assured her I wasn’t bothering her and that I was a great waitress."

    And not only did Halsey save Smith from getting fired, she also upgraded Smith and her friends to VIP at her concert at the Shrine in 2016.

    Smith said that she decided to share the stories because stan Twitter has a habit of cancelling people for everything they've done in the past.

    She added: "She’s a fantastic person and we all have done or said some things we shouldn’t but it’s part of being human."

    People have called Halsey an angel.

    This thread makes me cry tears T^T she's such a sweet person T^T


    I stan an angel. Ashley is such caring and humble person.

    And some people have said they changed their mind about Halsey.

    @hoodniggahoseok @mapeofthesoul I am really thankful to you that you shared this beautiful story it changed my mind about her she is really an angel 😢😍😍😍😍

    @hoodniggahoseok @xCeleste___ I don’t really know know Halsey because I was never a fan but I was scared of how people talked about her and made her seem like a bad person so I never knew what to think but this story just relieved my heart I’m glad she’s actually a good person

    Ikran Dahir is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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