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    A Puppet Tried To Slide Into A Woman's DMs With Dick Pics And People Are Very, Very Confused

    He was later exposed by another puppet.

    This is Paris, a 23-year-old YouTuber from Toronto.

    She told BuzzFeed News that she recently opened her Instagram DMs, thinking she had received an unsolicited dick pic.

    YALL! a fucking PUPPET just slid in my dms and sent me some dick pics ! I CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!!! 😂😂😂

    This was, in a way, true, except it was from a puppet.

    She said that when she clicked on the picture she saw that the dick was made out of felt.

    She said she asked the puppet who was behind the account, but he refused to say.

    She added, "He said he wanted to be my side boyfriend. I just thought it was really funny and creative so I didn't take offence to it."

    After Paris exposed Lux the puppet as the sender of the unsolicited image of his penis, he then uploaded a post to Instagram denying that it was from him.

    BuzzFeed News contacted Lux the Puppet. He admitted that he did, in fact, slide into the DMs to let Paris know she could "get it". "My grandma always told me to follow your dreams naw meen," he said.

    However, it turns out this saga was only just beginning. A couple of days later, Lux was "exposed" on Instagram by another puppet, called Kiyah.

    So that dick pic sending puppet is now being exposed on insta by another fucking puppet 😭😭😭 everyday we stray furth…

    There are now people on the internet expressing the view that this philandering puppet is actually kinda hot.

    @HeyPariss his haircut is crispy. He might need to slide in my DMs next

    But mostly, they are finding this situation incredibly confusing.

    And want to cancel the Internet.

    The puppets appear to be connected to an online show under "3CK Media".

    There seem to be a bunch of different puppets, including a Donald Trump one.

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to 3CK Media, who have not yet responded.


    Since this article was published, Lux the puppet got in touch to deny any involvement with the show.


    3CK Media have gotten in touch to say that they are a new media company and have denied involvement with Lux the puppet.