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People Are Freaking Out Over The "Get Out" Horror Movie Trailer

"An interracial relationship horror film."

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The trailer for Jordan Peele's film Get Out has been released and it's possibly the scariest thing ever.

How long has this...thing been going on? From the mind of Jordan Peele, watch the #GetOut trailer now. In theaters…


People are shook.

I usually don't get spooked by movie trailers but #getout had me like


Y'all, I'm actually weeping at an interracial relationship horror film #GetOut

Black people in interracial relationships watching that #GetOut trailer like..

Some people noticed the film is coming out in February, during US Black History Month.

An interracial relationship in a horror movie. The horror is the RACISM. It comes out during Black History Month. E…


When u thought it was gonna be a comedy but it's a horror racist film #GetOut

#GetOut, a movie about: • Systematic Racism • Interracial Relationships • Black Horror Movie Stereotypes • White Privilege ... all in one.

Trailer for #GetOut is insane, like "The Stepford Wives" but... gah, I don't want to know more, I can't wait to see it, omg @JordanPeele