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People Are Not Happy With This All-American K-Pop Group

"Bruh if the white American music industry can't let Asians in it then why tf should we let white people in to ours?".

Meet EXP Edition, an all-American band from New York who describe themselves as "a fresh hybrid of K-Pop".

On Thursday they released a teaser trailer for their upcoming song "Feel Like This", which is in Korean.

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But K-Pop fans are not impressed.

Exp Edition: Hello, we're a new kpop- Kpop twitter:

And are pretty much roasting them.

rt if you have more followers than exp edition

EXP says their music is inspired by American and Korean artists like Zion. T, CL of 2NE1, and Michael Jackson.

@exp_edition y'all better disband

i still cannot believe exp edition is a real thing im cringing so hard this is why god abandoned us

Some addressed the more serious issue of Korean artists finding it difficult to break into the American market.

omo I was watching exp edition's videos on yt and this is the only comment that made any sense at all

To all the people who support exp edition or any incorporation of white peoples into Kpop

Some of the roasting led to some strong memes.

one direction when they come back from hiatus and see all their stans have turned into kpop stans

#expedition fansites can't white wash them if they already white

FYI, EXP Edition are definitely NOT a BuzzFeed group.

istg exp edition looks like a group buzzfeed made for a pointless social experiment, stay woke sis

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