People Can't Stop Photoshopping Donald Trump To Be Tiny

    "Tiny person of the year."

    A new meme has emerged: Photoshopping President Donald Trump to be really small.

    Introducing Tiny Trump.

    He's been Photoshopped with a juice carton.

    As Prince George.

    Being cradled by his predecessor.

    Ma petite contribution au #tinyTrump ;)

    Holding high level talks.

    Hanging out at the airport.

    As the tiny pope.

    Stepping off his plane.

    I think #tinyTrump is my favorite thing so far this year.

    And just chilling with the guys.

    CAPTION THIS extremely rare #tinytrump sighting in his natural habitat:

    Tiny Trump has also met Hillary Clinton.

    Nigel Farage.

    And went on holiday with Barack Obama.

    He's the tiny person of the year.