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    This Photo Of A Shady-Looking Bird Has Become A Huge Meme And It's Hilarious AF

    "Jesus Christ this bird knows my browser history."

    This photo of a Muscovy duck has gone viral.

    We're not sure where the photo is from, but the earliest use of it as a meme was on Russian social media sites.

    The viral photo's eyes look slightly different to those on a normal duck so the picture might be photoshopped.

    The duck then made it to Tumblr.

    And then it made its way to Twitter, and it's being used to describe a mischievous look.

    jesus christ this bird kno my browser history

    When you grab the McDonalds and eat a little bit out of everybody's fries then take the one you didn't touch

    The duck has tea on everyone.

    Why does this bird look like she has the tea on EVERYBODY I'm crying

    OR: the look is a signal.

    How you and your friend look at each other when someone is lying

    Or an infamous autocorrect typo.

    When you sexting bae and autocorrect tells them "come duck me"

    Or when you're suddenly interested.

    guy: I'm 6'4", homeless, I don't have a car, I'm unemployed, and I've been arrested 6 times me: ....did you say..6…


    @XLNB When you have finals to work on, but you spend your time drawing bird memes instead.