Halsey Made A Moving Speech About Why There's No Need For A Straight Pride Parade

    “That’s why there’s not a straight pride parade, because every fucking day on public transport is a straight pride parade.”

    On Monday night, Halsey performed an intimate concert in London.

    During the concert, Halsey told the crowd that the women on her shirt were a couple who were attacked on a bus heading towards Camden Town last week.

    She told the crowd that her concert was a safe space and gave a speech about the continuing importance of LGBT pride in 2019.

    Halsey getting a room full of queer kids to scream “I WILL NOT BE AFRAID” after two women were beaten for being gay in the exact same town she’s performing in. She’s wearing a shirt with their faces on the front, and “FUCK YOUR STRAIGHT PRIDE” on the back.

    She said: “...The sad reality is after the pride parades are over and after the bars close their pride nights, when the glitter is being swept out of the streets, a lot of people get on those trains, get on those buses, and try to wash the rainbows off their bodies and peel the stickers off their clothes.

    “Because when pride is over, it’s not safe to be gay anymore, they’re worried that someone is going to viciously assault them or viciously attack them."

    And the back of her T-shirt read “fuck your straight pride,” which was in response to this straight pride parade that was planned for Boston.

    People said that Halsey’s speech was important and applauded her continued LGBT activism.

    Halsey wore the victims of the homophobic attack on her shirt with "fuck your straight pride" on the back last night. Her advocacy for the #LGBTQ community is so important and so necessary 🏳️‍🌈

    i applaud this😌👏👏 https://t.co/y034kX4Oxm

    And got emotional.

    @iamsuckeriam this made me cry, this was so beautiful to watch and the fact that she could do this and know that we need all the support and reminders to stay safe and strong is so beautiful. an angel.

    tonight in camden @halsey wore a shirt with that picture of melania and chris after their assault and a message that said "fuck your straight pride". it made me fucking cry and i’m very thankful for her.

    @iamsuckeriam @yoongiphd Ok I cried in class thank you

    I must not cry in this waiting room I must not cry in this waiting room I must not https://t.co/LL5yGlHxVp

    This made me fucking tear up. ❤️ https://t.co/NfFp3Dv9Zn