Finished "Daisy Jones & The Six" Already? Add These Movies To Your Watchlist Next

    "When you think of me, I hope it ruins rock 'n' roll."

    In case you've already finished Daisy Jones & the Six (which, same), these are some movies that will cure your rock 'n' roll drama withdrawals:

    1. Almost Famous (2000)

    scene from the film with Kate Hudson's and Patrick Fugit's character

    2. The Runaways (2010)

    Cherrie Currie painting on her makeup in the film

    3. That Thing You Do! (1996)

    a character from the film, playing the drums and adjusting his sunglasses

    4. Walk the Line (2005)

    scene where Johnny is staring at June from his bar stool

    5. Sing Street (2016)

    scene from the film where the man is talking to the girl on the steps of her apartment

    6. Once (2007)

    scene from the film where the man is standing alone in a music store

    7. Begin Again (2014)

    scene from the film where Dan and Greta are dancing down the street at night

    8. And Music and Lyrics (2007)

    scene from the film where Alex and Sophie are singing into the same microphone