Hipster Beatings

Die Hipster really hates hipsters. He hates hipsters so much that he concocts creative ways to kill hipsters and shares his fantasies on his blog.

IHateHipsters • 8 years ago

Hipster Good Friday

Spotted in Williamsburg: tweens reenacting the Passion of the Christ!

Amanda Dobbins • 8 years ago

Hipster Hunter!

Hipster Hunter lists over 250 different kinds of hipster. With that many varieties, there is at least one hipster out there that deserves your unfiltered hatred. And I know that last description is tl;dr.

IHateHipsters • 8 years ago

Hipster He-Man

I liked Donna D.'s He-Man post, but it reminded me of some guy's hipster re-imagining of the Masters of the Universe. There goes my childhood. Is there nothing that hipster subculture can't ruin?

IHateHipsters • 8 years ago

Hipster Douchebag Soundboard

Sometimes you surprise me, Maxim... but the guy pictured doesn't look like a hipster, and Twitter and Facebook seem too mainstream for hipsters. A for effort though.

IHateHipsters • 8 years ago