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Hipster Beatings

Die Hipster really hates hipsters. He hates hipsters so much that he concocts creative ways to kill hipsters and shares his fantasies on his blog.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Dinosaur VS Hipster

Hate-feed subjects going head-to-head! Saw this and immediately thought of IHateDinosaurs. The dinosaur's definitely gonna BTHO that hipster. Via.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Hipster Exercise

This is what they would do if they were fat. But they're not, so I guess it's ironic when you consider how much they smoke, drink and snort. Via.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Zombie Hipsters Game

A proof-of-concept game involving hipster zombies and trendy 7". It's a bit dated, but I agree with what the guy was trying to say: Throwing vinyl at hipsters destroys them, mentally and physically. Via.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Jack White Calls Out Hipsters

Really though, how can you willingly go to a Stripes show and not enjoy it? If you're really impatient, start at 0:17.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Retro Anti-Hipster PSA

Hipsters: Dangerous as cobras! "Just as we crushed the Nazis in WWII, we shall so crush the hipsters with the fists of our freedom."

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Bad Music and Bad Dancing

Audio-visual Ipecac. Seriously though, what exactly is going on here? Via.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Hipster Good Friday

Spotted in Williamsburg: tweens reenacting the Passion of the Christ!

Amanda Dobbins 9 years ago

Coonskin Caps, Hipster Trend

One guy even claims that it's real raccoon fur. I'm kinda hoping PETA will join me in my war against hipster-scum. More commentary and videos at Gawker.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Hipster Hunter!

Hipster Hunter lists over 250 different kinds of hipster. With that many varieties, there is at least one hipster out there that deserves your unfiltered hatred. And I know that last description is tl;dr.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Convincing Argument Against Bicycling Hipsters

MC SpandX lets hipsters know what it's really about. "It's all about performance. That's the name of the game."

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

I Like Narwhals But I Hate Hipsters

... this image confuses me.

Dino Ignacio 9 years ago

Hipster He-Man

I liked Donna D.'s He-Man post, but it reminded me of some guy's hipster re-imagining of the Masters of the Universe. There goes my childhood. Is there nothing that hipster subculture can't ruin?

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Hipster Handshake

Like quite a few people, The Oatmeal has had a bad hipster experience. Calling it a "bad hipster experience" is kinda redundant, isn't it? 8 more Crappy Handshakes.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

The Hipster Move

Even professionals can't help but mock hipsters... Yeah, I realize that hipsters hate other hipsters, but normal people that dislike hipsters DO exist. I'm not the only one, right guys? Via.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Hipster Douchebag Soundboard

Sometimes you surprise me, Maxim... but the guy pictured doesn't look like a hipster, and Twitter and Facebook seem too mainstream for hipsters. A for effort though.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Accidental Hipsters

I can almost forgive accidental hipsters. Almost. Anyway, the hipster trends illustrated here are old, so the question is, how many more months until we see hipsters sporting trucker hats again? Via.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Heil Hipster!

I knew I wasn't the only one thinking it...

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Lost Hipster "Art" (NSFW)

Mark Billy, a hipster "artist," made life-size sculptures of his penis from resin and beard hair, and while on display one of the penises went missing. We all know it's not beard hair. Craigslist ad and commentary.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Hipster Or Human?

Just determining if I hate you or not.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago

Hipsters Steal Bingo From Granny

"The people who come to Rebel Bingo are making fun of bingo." Why must hipsters steal from the senior citizens of the world and trash up this centuries-old game? Hipster MFs. More.

IHateHipsters 9 years ago