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  • Lindsay Lohan Has a Warrant Out; Dog the Bounty Hunter Wants In

    Lindsay Lohan has a warrant out for her arrest, stemming from her 2007 DUI hit-and-run. A warrant can typically mean that Lindsay failed a mandatory drug test or she failed to report to her probation officer. The Los Angeles County Police Department released this statement in an exclusive to Hollyscoop.com: “In response to media inquiries, [the] Beverly Hills Police Department is confirming a warrant was in fact issued today [March 13] for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan. The $50,000 warrant issued by the Beverly Hills Superior Court stems from a May 2007 arrest of Miss Lohan for DUI and hit-and-run. “The circumstances leading to the issuance of the warrant by the court are not readily available at this time. It is our hope that Miss Lohan will surrender herself so that this matter will be resolved in a timely manner.” This can only mean one thing, A “Dog the Bounty Hunter” /Lindsay Lohan episode which would also look like an episode of “Cheaters” when Lindsay Lohan goes ballistic at the club where “The Dog” has intercepted Lohan. Sam is in the back looking like a gnome, unable to assist.

  • Prince Harry’s Pink Nails and Panties

    Prince Harry is such a rascal! Look at him go! He is oozing in confidence over his masculinity because he doesn’t seem to care about the paparazzi snapping pictures of him up the ying yang with pink, painted nails and pink “panties” hanging out of his pants. He’s also careful not to let his fingers touch so that each nail can dry perfectly. Now that he’s the chosen, attractive, well endowed with hair, Prince, he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world.

  • Brody Jenner and Girlfriend Jayde Busting Out of Bikini in Hawaii

    Brody posted on his site a picture of him with his girlfriend [P-boy bunny] Jayde in Hawaii. The two were spotted by paparazzi getting cozy, and Brody wanted to let everyone know the difference between affection that is tasteful versus vulgar: You may have caught the photos of me and Jayde on the beach during our recent trip to Hawaii following a shoot for The Hills. Some say we were lovin’ it up a bit too much, but hey, no one else was around and we didn’t know there were cameras shooting us! I say that doesn’t count as PDA. This got me thinking about public displays of affection and when they go too far… Here’s a list of couple behavior dos and don’ts: DON’T: Excessively grab or handle your significant other’s booty or put your hand in their back pants pocket. DO: Limit your back-side appreciation to a subtle and quick caress just below the waist line. DON’T: French kiss to the point where everyone can see your tongues hanging out for an extended period of time. DO: Smooch a little here and there, saving the more passionate fare for when you two are alone. DON’T: Dry hump (ha!) DO: Hold hands Thanks, Brody. So what you’re trying to tell us is that Jayde’s boobs are not hanging out of her bikini and her long hair is hiding your right hand grabbing on to “something.”

  • Rhianna’s 21st Bday and Photo Leak Investigation

    Rihanna headed out in public for the first time, since the Chris Brown beat down incident, to celebrate her 21st birthday. The star looked noticeably solemn. She released a statement but would not talk about what happened with Chris Brown: “She wants to assure her fans that she remains strong, is doing well, and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time.” Meanwhile, the Los Angeles police have opened up an investigation to find out who leaked the photo which was taken as evidence and not for the public to view: “The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence,” the LAPD said in a statement Thursday. The department has yet to publicly identify Rihanna as the alleged victim in Brown’s case. “A violation of this type is considered serious misconduct, with penalties up to and including termination.” A source close to the investigation told E! News that the first set of photos were taken by detectives on the scene. The second set was taken at the hospital where the swelling had increased, and that after the incident a tabloid was offering 100 grand for the photo. “Internal Affairs is up in their butts over the leaks.” LAPD is even threatening to administer polygraphs. The source mentioned that this was not the first time that Brown got physical with Rihanna. But he may not have thrown the first punch. The D.A. office wants to pin a felony charge but will only move forward with solid evidence. The only thing to look forward to is the Law and Order episode of this distressing event. We urge anyone who is a victim of domestic violence to contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline online or at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). image: Us Magazine source: E! Online

  • LolCats Icanhascrackden

    Usually Lolcats from icanhascheezburger.com is a cute kitty wonderland of frisky, fluffy felines who make me laugh and smile because they are making a shocked face or mad face since their owner dressed them in bonnets and little boots. But hidden among all things good are the exceptions or few bad things…like this photo which could have very well been taken from Amy Winehouse’s crack den [bags and bags of fast food…lighter…rushed, botched up batch of cupcakes that one of the crack heads voraciously licked all the frosting off]. It left me feeling icky all over. It has nothing to do with the rodent and kitty, who I think should be rescued for animal cruelty for having to exist in that derelict apartment.

  • New Banksy for Benefit

    The new Banksy shows a boy spraying a flock pattern and will be displayed at Selfridges department store in London before the 26 February auction. The art piece will raise funds for The Prince’s Trust which helps young people receive training and jobs. Banksy is the shit.

  • Tiger Woods Wife’s GIANT Hand…Oh and Newborn Son

    On his website, Tiger posted a few pictures of his newborn son Charlie. His baby is cute, but I found it hard to keep my eyes off his wife Elin’s giant hand. And if things couldn’t get any more strange, No Doubt will be teaming up with Tiger to play for his 12th Annual Tiger Jam concert [to raise money for his foundation] held on May 16th at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Ticket prices start at $54 and does not including the whoring service charge fees by LiveNation.

  • Amy Fisher the Pole Stripper

    Amy Fisher who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head plans to hit the road as a high paid pole-dancer to promote her porn website. Fisher tells avn.com: “I love to dance, and I’m an exhibitionist. I am going to take this road until my fans tell me, ‘Dear, please put your clothes back on. You’re too old.’ ” I’m not a fan, and she is too old!

  • Sacha Baron Cohen New Film Even More Shocking

    The “Borat” and “Ali-G” star’s new movie is reportedly titled: “Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America For The Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable In The Presence Of A Gay Foreigner In A Mesh T-Shirt.” The new movie is already causing a stir in the media. The UK Sun is reporting a controversial character: “a black model called Jesus who wears a loincloth and a crown of thorns” and many test audiences in the US especially those who are religious conservative were not laughing.

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