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Lindsay Lohan Has a Warrant Out; Dog the Bounty Hunter Wants In

Lindsay Lohan has a warrant out for her arrest, stemming from her 2007 DUI hit-and-run. A warrant can typically mean that Lindsay failed a mandatory drug test or she failed to report to her probation officer. The Los Angeles County Police Department released this statement in an exclusive to "In response to media inquiries, [the] Beverly Hills Police Department is confirming a warrant was in fact issued today [March 13] for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan. The $50,000 warrant issued by the Beverly Hills Superior Court stems from a May 2007 arrest of Miss Lohan for DUI and hit-and-run. "The circumstances leading to the issuance of the warrant by the court are not readily available at this time. It is our hope that Miss Lohan will surrender herself so that this matter will be resolved in a timely manner." This can only mean one thing, A "Dog the Bounty Hunter" /Lindsay Lohan episode which would also look like an episode of "Cheaters" when Lindsay Lohan goes ballistic at the club where "The Dog" has intercepted Lohan. Sam is in the back looking like a gnome, unable to assist.

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