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    17 Most Annoying Things About The Kardashians In 2012

    Their show is still on and it's all your fault. If you hate them so much, why are you still watching?

    1. Kim and Kris' divorce proceedings have lasted longer than their marriage did. They're still not over.

    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    2. Khloe co-hosted the X Factor and wasn't very good at it.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    3. Rob designed some ugly and expensive socks.

    Seth Browarnik/

    4. Kim said she wanted to get into politics.

    5. And then said she liked Rick Santoro even though she's a Democrat and even though it's actually Santorum.

    Getty/Pool / Via

    6. The Today Show aired an interview with Kris Jenner instead of the 9/11 memorial service.

    7. Scott wanted everyone to call him Lord Disick.

    8. And wore that stupid eye patch.

    FameFlynet Pictures

    9. Kris Jenner's lip got all big and swollen that one time.

    10. Kim announced she was going to be in a Tyler Perry movie.

    11. Kendall Jenner said she's not a Kardashian, even though she still totally acts like one.

    12. Kris took a Halloween picture where her nipple was slipping out and posted it to Instagram.

    13. TMZ said they wouldn't tweet about Kim anymore but then they did.

    14. Kim thought Jay-Z would give her a hug even though that's something he would never do.

    15. Kim took a bunch of annoying selfies and put them on Instagram.

    16. In fact, the whole family took a bunch of annoying selfies and put them on Instagram.

    17. But the most annoying thing about the Kardashians this year is their show got renewed for an eighth season. But seriously, it's all your fault.

    Nick Saglimbelni / Via

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