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    Because Women Can't Have Anything, Here Are 26 Times Bosses Were Casually Sexist Towards Their Employees

    "My male boss frequently tells me that 'red isn’t my color.'"

    We asked the women of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time they experienced subtle sexism. Here are just 26 of the responses in which sexism came from the woman's boss.

    1. "While mansplaining something to me, my boss said, 'Listen, baby.'"

    Cece from "New Girl" screaming

    2. "My male boss frequently tells me that 'red isn't my color.' Sometimes he says, 'Wow, I actually approve of your outfit today.' I dress professionally appropriate every day. Once I wore a dress with heeled sandals and he looked me up and down and made me walk in front of him down the hallway."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking horrified

    3. "My boss and his son refer to any job they find too easy or boring as 'good work for the ladies to do,' because they don't want to do it themselves."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking shocked

    4. "My former boss used to refer to me and my younger female colleagues as 'girls.' Also, if we ever disagreed with anything he said, no matter how reasonably or calmly, we were told 'you need to stop whining' — or worse, 'stop bitching' if we were more persistent."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking very annoyed

    5. "I worked room service at a hotel in college. We kept all the alcohol in a locked closet that only the managers had keys to. One male manager refused to give the keys to female employees."

    6. "I was basically an executive assistant for a small company, where I was one of three women. My male boss tasked me with helping find a particular new car for the office. I came back with a list of a dozen cars matching what he wanted, and he looked at it and went, 'Wow, I'm surprised you actually knew how to look this up!' Like, what?"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking amused and annoyed

    7. "A male superior walked in on a conversation I was having with my female colleague and thought he heard me mention something about having kids. He tapped his watch and said, 'Well, you're not getting any younger!'"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking very annoyed

    8. "I'm a supervisor at a healthcare company. I had to meet with my boss, another supervisor, and his boss, to discuss why I had denied something. I was firm, but not aggressive. I laid out the facts with no emotion. My boss called me later to tell me that I had been too mean and that I needed to apologize. I told her right away that we wouldn't be having this conversation if I were a man."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking frustrated but not surprised

    9. "I walked into my boss's office and offhandedly mentioned that it was cold. He proceeded to explain to me that 75% of women have some medical problem where their blood doesn't circulate properly."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking very confused

    10. "I came to find out my boss offered me the job because he was so impressed that I could handle being a mom and a full-time teacher without 'falling apart' (his words) while my husband was deployed. It had nothing to do with my actual accomplishments in the classroom."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking angry and hurt

    11. "I accidentally rolled my office chair into, not over, my boss's foot, so I apologized. He responded with, 'Oh it's okay, I'm always cautious when women are driving.'"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking furious

    12. "I was exchanging emails with my older male boss — he’s in his mid-40s and I’m in my mid-30s. His latest email included a pun, so in my response I included a pun of my own. In his follow-up, he said that I was 'too young and too female' to be making jokes like that."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking very confused

    13. "I used to work a job where we made breakfast. One day, my coworkers and I had a meeting with the owner about needing to make sure that we dumped our bacon grease into the big bucket and not into the sink. He looked directly at me and said, 'Your husband is not going to enjoy cleaning out the sink drain because you didn't feel like dumping the grease out.'"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking disgusted

    14. "When I worked as a meat cutter, most of the team were men, including my boss. He suggested that I should wear just a T-shirt and put my hair up in pigtails for NFL Spirit Day. Ugh!!!"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking annoyed

    15. "My boss strictly divides work by sex; if you're female, you work mornings/early afternoons and cook and clean, if you're male, you work afternoon/evenings, lift boxes (no more than 25 lbs), change trash, and do 'outside maintenance.'"

    16. "I had a new boss actually come out and ask, 'What are you and your husband's plans for the next few years? Kids? I just need to plan how this campaign will work and if you'll be around,' implying that if I had kids, I would mess up his work plan."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking very angry

    17. "I always call out bad behavior at work. Racist comments, sexual harassment that isn't being addressed, you name it. If I bring up these issues with my boss, he usually agrees with me, but he ALWAYS responds first by saying 'calm down.'"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking annoyed

    18. "I had a manager once who treated me like such an idiot because I was a young female. He constantly belittled me in front of customers and gaslighted me when we were out of something, claiming that we had it and I just couldn’t find it, until he couldn't find it himself. Once he asked me to sweep at closing, then he held the broom and asked if I had 'ever used one of these things before.' Then he said, 'Oh, of course you have' before handing it to me."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking shocked and hurt

    19. "My sister used to be a waiter and her BOSS, who was a woman, told her and the other female waiters to be all smiley and give all the attention to the man at the table because he's paying and they'd get bigger tips."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking very frustrated

    20. "One of our 'silent' partners was going over the dress code, which only included skirts. I feel more comfortable wearing pants because I have to move around a lot, so I asked if women were allowed to wear pants — to be a little petty — and he had to ASK HIS WIFE if women own black dress pants."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking annoyed

    21. "As a host, I was sexually harassed by male customers and I felt unsafe, so I reported it to my manager. He told me I was 'overreacting' and that the customers were all regular and treated every female staff member like that. I didn't stay on much longer after that."

    Cece from "New Girl" screaming

    22. "The GM of the bar I worked at decided that only men could bartend."

    Cece from "New Girl" rolling her eyes

    23. "My male district manager and my female manager chided me over equal pay for equal work laws and told me it was 'illegal' to discuss wages with coworkers — it's legal under federal and state law, and it's fine under company policy. Then they chastised me like I was an embarrassingly stupid toddler for over 20 minutes for writing HR about this issue."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking surprised and annoyed

    24. "I was the manager at a Fortune 500 company and my general manager told me that he would like my help organizing an area of the workplace, because it needed a 'woman's touch.'"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking confused

    25. "My old boss would only take advice and suggestions from males. It was subtle because he would nod and smile as you made the suggestion, but he would only follow through with things my male colleagues said."

    Cece from "New Girl" looking frustrated

    26. And finally, "When I told my employer I had decided to go back to school to get a master's in divinity (i.e. become a pastor), he said, 'Well, the men must be failing if God is raising up women.'"

    Cece from "New Girl" looking shocked

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.