Apr 2018
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    kellyt4764a713a commented on Ladies, What’s A Subtly Sexist Thing That’s Happened To You?

    I don’t think it was That subtle thinking back now, but I had a new boss actually just come out and ask: “what are you and your husbands plans for the next few years? Kids? I Just need to plan how this campaign will work and if you’ll be around.” Implying that if I had kids I would… 


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    kellyt4764a713a commented on Tell Us About Your Husband Or Partner's Delivery Room Fail

    My husband was really great, BUT right as it was time for me to start pushing, he asked the nurse to “hold on a sec” so he could find something better to have on the tv... he changed the channel and was so excited when he found Star Trek TNG. He said that was an appropriate first… 


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    kellyt4764a713a commented on Tell Us The Craziest Thing That Happened When You Were An RA In College

    My first solo night as a new RA: Music bumping from behind a dorm room, it was 30min past “quiet hours.” I did what we were taught, knock, called the room etc. I called another RA to come assist, as the next step was to use the master key, to open the room. We announced ourselves:… 


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