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    • KirstyLM

      My husband and I, and our married friends, rented a small cottage for a weekend. It was the Valentine’s day weekend in Canada - so yes, it was cold out. We got to the cottage, and it was pretty cozy inside, but there was a LOT of snow outside and the driveway hadn’t been shovelled or ploughed. Inside, we found a small fireplace but no wood, and we weren’t warned ahead of time to bring our own. After picking up some wood from the store, that seemed to be the end of our troubles….think again. The thermostat on the main floor was beyond fucked up, it refused to heat up any part of the main floor, despite constantly raising the temperature. Meanwhile, the upstairs had baseboard heaters, which worked well but left the air so profoundly dry that I thought my sinuses might split in half and bleed. Also, the walls between each bedroom and bathroom were literally just planks of wood. So we could hear everything the other person was doing. The snoring, the bathroom trips. Oh, and did I mention that the toilet had a sensitive septic system. For 3 days, we were not permitted to flush anything but *bodily* waste down the toilet. All of our toilet paper had to be kept in the tiniest little garbage bin next to the throne. *barf*

    • KirstyLM

      Don’t consent to sex unless you want to do it. Honestly this seems like a no brainer but I can’t tell you how often I hear my friends tell me they have sex to please their partners when they really don’t want to have sex themselves. I’ve been guilty of this in the past, and the sex was never enjoyable under those circumstances. You usually just end up wanting it to be over quickly, and when you DO want to have sex it comes so much more naturally and is so much more enjoyable.

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