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    I Just Watched Episode 1 Of "Loki" As A Casual Marvel Fan, And I Had Some Thoughts

    33. I like how this recap of Loki's future is just stuff from the movies.

    I had a grand time documenting my thoughts while watching WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Solider as a casual Marvel fan, so I decided to do the same with Marvel's new show, Loki!

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    Let's get into Episode 1, "Glorious Purpose."

    1. Oh yay, they're introducing the time travel element right away. Thrilled with that.

    The show places the first scene in "2012", written as if its on a timeline
    Marvel Studios

    2. LOL. The close-up of Loki in the elevator "with The Avengers" was just Tom Hiddleston in a room. That kind of thing is always funny to me.

    3. I am thankful for this New York 2012 scene. In addition to setting up the show, it puts me back in the vibe.

    4. The Marvel logo is green, that's fun. It's green for Loki. 'Cause his signature color is green. In case you missed it.

    5. Was it always obvious how much Loki's hair is dyed black?

    6. Oh, yes. Yes. Let's just talk about time travel for episodes and episodes. Let's get into branches and variants ASAP. (I'm not being sarcastic whatsoever. I'm very exited.)

    7. "Time Variance Authority." I am so happy on my couch right now.

    8. Oh my god that officer(?) put Loki into slow motion! Already, this show is great.

    9. Love the '70s look here. It's like how The Good Place decided the Bad Place had a '40s look and ran with it.

    10. God, all these time devices they're showing us are making me so happy.

    11. Oh hey, speaking of The Good Place, it's Eugene Cordero! (Pillboi.)

    12. This adding to the list of everything Loki's ever said could keep me entertained for many minutes.

    13. Loki's right, "to your knowledge" are you a robot is perfect. LOL. And Tom Hiddleston nailed the "What if I don't know I'm a robot?" moment.

    14. That reminds me of Karl Pilkington brilliantly saying he wouldn't know which one he was if there were a doppelgänger of himself.

    15. I'm loving the runner of rich boy.

    An officer says, "Take a ticket," and rich boy says, "What is this, a deli, no"
    Marvel Studios

    16. Okay, the Ms. Minutes exposition video was fantastic. But wouldn't the disappearance of people change the Sacred Timeline?*

    17. Also, and maybe this is my "casual Marvel fan" coming into play, didn't the Avengers change time a bunch? Too much to argue that all fits in the Sacred Timeline, right? If Loki goes forward like that's not true, I'll trust it and accept I'm wrong.

    18. Oh, this is interesting. Owen Wilson is in 1549, so I guess all time is happening at once, or something similar. Or it's a Jeremy Bearimy situation. (Get ready for an abundance of references to The Good Place.)

    19. Also, Owen Wilson! I knew he was in this, but still, shoutout to the fact that Owen Wilson is in this.

    20. Okay, that time officer said, "That's the sixth attack in the last week," so they have weeks. The TVA folks experience weeks.

    21. I guess "week" could mean a different length and they just happen to use the same word, but what a coincidence if so.

    22. So right now there are two Lokis, no? Movie timeline Loki and Loki Loki.

    23. Oh my goodness, "what [the Avengers] did was supposed to happen" is dumb. But also...sure. I would write it the same way, lol.

    24. What was Loki's last name that Gugu Mbatha-Raw casually said? I had no idea he had a real last name.

    25. Oh, I want Owen Wilson's name to be Dave or something.

    26. It's Mobius! Mobius!

    27. Well, Mobius is his last name. Maybe it's Dave Mobius.

    28. So, "time passes differently here in the TVA," but they have weeks. I need more about this.

    29. It's interesting that Loki used "people" to mean, what, all living things with a minimum of near-human intelligence?

    30. Oh my god!!! Hahahahahaha. Loki is D.B. Cooper! Hahahahaha. I LOVE THAT. I LOOOOOOVE THAT!!!!!

    Loki smiling with sunglasses as "D B Cooper"
    Marvel Studios

    31. Loki and Thor's mom's death "happens again and again and again." Interesting wording.

    32. I love how Mobius is essentially saying to Loki, "You're a secondary character."

    33. I like how this recap of Loki's future is just stuff from the movies.

    34. Oh my god, watching your own death would be impossible.

    35. So for Loki to live in the world at the end of this show, they'll have to change the Sacred Timeline, which is fun.

    36. Jeez, what a day for Loki.

    37. I say "day." Perhaps it's a doobledebop.

    38. I bet Tom Hiddleston had been sitting on this explanation of Loki's motivation for 10 fucking years.

    39. The TVA officers are called "Minutemen"? Why is it gendered? That makes me angry. This is, like, the center of the universe and still it's a patriarchy.

    40. I wonder who's going to play this evil time variant. Watch it be, like, Stanley Tucci. I would be down.

    41. Wait, it's Loki? I am interested!

    42. Oh god, being burned to death. Jesus Christ. I don't need to see people being burned.

    43. I like how Cloak Loki — yes, I see the "Cloaki" joke, and I am not picking it up — is super calm in the middle of flames. I feel like no one would ever be, no matter how planned it is.

    Alright, that's it for Episode 1! I am exciiiiiited for this show. It's already very awesome.

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    *Upon re-reading, I see at some point between 16 and 22 I understood that people aren't disappearing from the Sacred Timeline, but rather there become two of them.

    See you next week, people person's paper people.

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