I'm A Casual Marvel Fan, But I Just Watched All Of "WandaVision" And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    77. Also, what's happening right now?

    Warning: obviously MAJOR spoilers for WandaVision lie ahead, but there's also a spoiler for the book The Giver, so, you know, you've been warned.

    For the past several weeks — or, in these trying times, for the past ≥ six homemade breads — WandaVision has been the hugest of shows. So, I decided to watch it and see what everyone was raving about.

    However, I am not a Marvel expert in the slightest. I've actively seen Marvel movies within the past year, and I love the whole thing about the Infinity Stones, but I basically know nothing about the comics.

    Nevertheless — or, perhaps, because of that — here is a play-by-play of my casual-Marvel-fan thoughts I had while watching WandaVision.

    To set the scene before Episode 1, Vision is dead and Wanda is presumably very sad about it because they were in love. Now...let's get cooking.

    Episode 1, "Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience"

    Wanda and Vision in Episode One

    My main takeaway after Episode 1: I'm so into it. It's out of nowhere, but I'm so into it.

    Episode 2, "Don't Touch That Dial"

    Everything becoming color on "WandaVision"

    Episode 2 takeaway: shit is happening.

    Episode 3, "Now in Color"

    Wanda and Vision standing in the rain in Episode Three

    Episode 3 takeaway: shit.

    Episode 4, "We Interrupt This Program"

    Wanda does her magic stuff in front of Geraldine

    Episode 4 takeaway: SHIIIIT.

    Episode 5, "On a Very Special Episode..."

    A moment from the Episode Five theme song

    Episode 5 takeaway: shit's about to go down.

    Episode 6, "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!"

    Wanda with glowing eyes in Episode Six

    Episode 6 takeaway: unbelievable.

    Episode 7, "Breaking the Fourth Wall"

    Wanda talking to the camera in Episode Seven

    Episode 7 takeaway: wowie.

    Episode 8, "Previously On"

    Wanda in Episode Eight

    Episode 8 takeaway: brilliant.

    Episode 9, "The Series Finale"

    Wanda and Vision in Episode Nine

    Episode 9 takeaway: that was so sad. I can't believe how good that was.

    WandaVision takeaway: It's one of the best things I've ever seen. The way that everyone was the same character in different time periods is a feat of acting. The story was so respectful of sitcoms. What a portrayal of grief.

    Every single human should watch this. And every single witch. And every single Vision. And every single Kree or whatever they're called.