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    I'm A Casual Marvel Fan, But I Just Watched All Of "WandaVision" And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    77. Also, what's happening right now?

    Warning: obviously MAJOR spoilers for WandaVision lie ahead, but there's also a spoiler for the book The Giver, so, you know, you've been warned.

    For the past several weeks — or, in these trying times, for the past ≥ six homemade breads — WandaVision has been the hugest of shows. So, I decided to watch it and see what everyone was raving about.

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    However, I am not a Marvel expert in the slightest. I've actively seen Marvel movies within the past year, and I love the whole thing about the Infinity Stones, but I basically know nothing about the comics.

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    I will not pick up on tiny details or any of that kind of stuff in WandaVision. It's likely I won't even pick up on medium-sized details.

    Nevertheless — or, perhaps, because of that — here is a play-by-play of my casual-Marvel-fan thoughts I had while watching WandaVision.

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    Note: I already know Kathryn Hahn's character is evil and that perhaps this whole thing is Wanda losing track of reality or something. (I also know the age difference between Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany is WILD.)

    Note part two: some of these thoughts are from a second watch because I changed the format of this post while making it, lol.

    Note part three: I have had to edit this down because it would be sooooo long otherwise.

    To set the scene before Episode 1, Vision is dead and Wanda is presumably very sad about it because they were in love. Now...let's get cooking.

    Episode 1, "Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience"

    Wanda and Vision in Episode One
    Marvel Studios

    1. The Marvel title card thing! But it turns black and white! Into it, into it.

    2. I love this theme song.

    3. Vision's tie has some sort of power plug on it or something. That's a fun little thing.

    4. Already they're nailing the '50s style of a sitcom more than I ever could have hoped they would.

    5. Love a classic sitcom misunderstanding, with the heart on the calendar.

    6. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are fantastic in this style of acting. Not that they aren't always fantastic, just saying they're nailing this.

    7. The house is set up like the house from The Dyke Van Dyke Show, which is a '60s show, but still it's a wonderful touch.

    8. Kathryn Hahn just arrived and she's amazing. "Hello dear, I'm Agnes, your neighbor to the right. My right, not yours."

    9. Even Wanda doesn't know how long she and Vision have been "married." Weird stuff.

    10. Vision's boss was on New Girl!

    11. One of the seduction techniques Kathryn Hahn reads is, "You should stumble when you walk into a room so he can catch you." Lol.

    12. Yesss! I love a sitcom misunderstanding!!!!!!

    13. What is this toaster ad in the middle? The toaster is made by Stark Industries. Also this ad is perfectly sexist.

    14. Vision's boss's wife is Kitty from That '70s Show/Alice from Friends! Hello Debra Jo Rupp!

    15. Vision references that Wanda is Sokovian. I remember that.

    16. Wait, also then where's her accent?

    17. I love how meta the "what's really Vision's job" thing is while being a literal question.

    18. What is "Steak Diane"?

    19. Why did Wanda levitate the lobsters? Just put them in the pot. (What is this show that I'm writing this?)

    20. Wanda got that breakfast for dinner ready SO QUICKLY. Even if it weren't obvious something's up, that alone should be proof.

    21. Ooooh, Wanda and Vision don't know the answers to a bunch of legitimate personal questions. That's awesome.

    22. I'm supposed to think Wanda and Vision are trapped or something, but there's more to it than that.

    23. So Vision's boss is choking because he asked why Wanda and Vision are there. Fun. Also his name is Arthur Hart, which is a lot of Rs.

    24. Kitty from That '70s Show saying "Stop it" over and over again is giving me the creeps.

    25. We went to close-ups for the real moments. Love it.

    26. Why is no one helping Arthur Hart? Vision doesn't do anything until Wanda says to and then he uses his, like, Vision-ness.

    27. That was weird.

    28. I'm still unclear on what Wanda's powers are.

    27. What is that button Vision presses at the end?

    28. Now we're zooming out and the whole thing is playing on a TV and there are credits. Okay. What?

    My main takeaway after Episode 1: I'm so into it. It's out of nowhere, but I'm so into it.

    Episode 2, "Don't Touch That Dial"

    Everything becoming color on "WandaVision"
    Marvel Studios

    1. So, the previously ons are actual previously ons, not fake show previously ons.

    2. New theme song, now for the '60s. Love it.

    3. I don't know what is happening, but I am ALONG for the ride.

    4. They're practicing for a magic trick. Alrighty.

    5. Elizabeth Olsen's walk is so good here. She's fantastic.

    6. I swear I just saw color in Wanda's eyes. It was red.

    7. A color thing! It's a little red helicopter. This is like when the boy can see the girl's red hair in The Giver and we realize it was all black and white the whole time. Anyway, back to WandaVision.

    8. Kathryn Hahn, nailing it again. Her bunny, Señor Scratchy who "loves the stage," played Baby Jesus in a Christmas pageant.

    9. I absolutely adore that "shooting the messenger" joke.

    10. Everything is really '60s now. I've got to get over that because I think that's the premise.

    11. Oh, I know from other thumbnails in posts by my colleagues that this new woman Wanda's talking to is an FBI agent or something.

    12. The bully just said the dress code for the talent show is "upscale garden party." Great.

    13. "Geraldine" came up with her name right then.

    14. It said Wanda through the radio. What's happening?

    15. But it's Randall Park's voice saying it! That's right, he's in this show! He's like, "Who is doing this to you, Wanda?"

    16. Whoa, red blood! Gahhh that would hurt.

    17. Another ad! This one's for a watch. I really hope all the products end up being used as tools in the finale or something. I want them all to add up to something.

    18. It says "Hydra" on the ad watch! They're the human-scale baddies in the movies!

    19. The gum in Vision's body is making him act drunk. That's fucking stellar. Jeez.

    20. Isn't "for the children" a thing in something?

    21. This town is weirdly small. It's the biggest fundraiser and no one's here.


    23. Kitty from That '70s Show is here again! I guess I thought we'd never seen her again. Oooh okay, so everyone transferred into the '60s.

    24. I love this talent show bit.

    25. Ralph doesn't exist. It's not a Vera from Cheers situation, he literally doesn't exist.

    26. Oh my god, Wanda's suddenly pregnant. I LOVE THIS.

    27. Why is the pothole moving? Someone's coming out of it. Who is this? What's happening?

    28. Wow okay, so Wanda's choosing to stay in this.

    29. Also, LOVE going back to earlier in the "show" and changing it.

    30. AND NOW THEY'RE IN COLOR. Imagine acting this. Oh, and the red she's wearing is the same color as his body, that's nice.

    Episode 2 takeaway: shit is happening.

    Episode 3, "Now in Color"

    Wanda and Vision standing in the rain in Episode Three
    Marvel Studios

    1. Now it's the '70s. Her hair is long, because '70s.

    2. Another great theme song, but why would you build a swing set for a baby?

    3. Shoutout to sexist doctor for the fun suit.

    4. Oh interesting, so this is happening immediately after the last episode. That's very interesting. So Episode 1 was the day before yesterday?

    5. Whoa, what's up with Herb right now? He's cutting though a wall with, like, dead eyes.

    6. Why do Wanda and Vision both immediately say boy names? Fun fact: not all babies are boys.

    7. WOW, WANDA MADE EVERYTHING GO BACK AGAIN. Vision said something was wrong with this place and everything went back again. I AM INTO THIS SHOW.

    8. I love how obvious it is that Elizabeth Olsen is wearing a pregnancy suit.

    9. Another ad! Here we go. This ad is for "Hydra Soak."

    10. I do not know how Wanda is having these babies so quickly. Oh yeah, I know she has twins.

    11. I love that Geraldine just assumed Wanda and Vision had a bucket lying around. I guess that's a safe assumption?

    12. A real-life stork! Oh, I love convoluted sitcom shenanigans. And Geraldine's story is equally convoluted. Fantastic.

    13. Labor is so intense.

    14. Of course the twins had to be named Tommy and Billy. That's why we heard about those names. Come on, me. Get your head in the game.

    15. Sexist doctor is essentially saying you can't leave this town. That's fun.

    16. Kathryn Hahn and Herb are both evil.

    17. Vision, I get that Kathryn Hahn and Herb are weird, but your wife just had twins. Why are you not rushing back inside your house?

    18. Wanda just mentioned her brother! I remember him!

    19. Also, what's happening right now?

    20. Ooh, Geraldine says that Wanda's brother was killed by Ultron! Stuff is happening!

    21. Ooh, Geraldine doesn't have a house. Love that.

    22. AMAZING that Kathryn Hahn just leaves in the middle of this very tense moment.

    23. And Geraldine's gone. It's wonderfully ominous.

    24. Oh, we're going into widescreen! That's awesome. That is so awesome.

    25. Geraldine has been expelled from the town!

    26. We're in the real world.

    27. Well, it's all wild now, isn't it?

    Episode 3 takeaway: shit.

    Episode 4, "We Interrupt This Program"

    Wanda does her magic stuff in front of Geraldine
    Marvel Studios

    1. Oh shit, it took me a second to register, but Real-World Geraldine is coming back from being dust! She was one of the people who went away because of Thanos.

    2. What if someone who vanished because of Thanos vanished on the roof of a building that's been torn down since? Would they fall to their death when they came back? That's more of a general Marvel question.

    3. Oh yeah, I know that Real-World Geraldine is the daughter of the friend in Captain Marvel.

    4. Poor Real-World Geraldine, this is a lot to take in.

    5. NOW it feels like Marvel.

    6. This guy's office is very basic.

    7. Hello, Randall Park!

    8. I should call Real-World Geraldine her actual name. From now on Real-World Geraldine is Rambeau.

    9. Wait, this sheriff from Eastview doesn't know Westview exists, which means he can't see the "Westview" sign or the town behind them. Gotcha. But I wish the sheriff had turned around and said he doesn't see anything to make that clearer.

    10. Randall Park can't get through to any of the residents, and the town doesn't want you to go inside. So into this.

    11. They put a little helicopter into the town and it disappears! This is great.

    12. Why are they calling a forcefield an "energy field" lol.

    13. Rambeau has disappeared into the town!!! What a day for her.

    14. Kat Dennings! She's in two of the Thor movies!

    15. Yeah, for real dude, she's Dr. Lewis not Ms. Lewis, come on.

    16. I love the vague science Kat Dennings does.

    17. How did Kat Dennings so quickly know she specifically needed an old TV? Whatever.

    18. The guy's going into the sewer. We're gonna see him come out and do the thing that happened at the end of the '60s episode.

    19. Yeah, Randall Park is right, why are you sending someone else in? You don't know what'll happen.

    20. Okay, so now everybody is watching WandaVision on the TV, but it's the first episode. So, how long is sewer guy in the sewer? Because he doesn't show up until the '60s episode.

    21. When Kat Dennings PLUGGED IN the TV, WandaVision started playing?? All she had to do was PLUG IN the TV??

    22. Hey, that was the end of Episode 1! They got to the Episode 1 credits faster than in the actual episode.

    23. Whoever printed these pictures of Wanda and Vision printed them on photo paper with borders. Why do that?

    24. What was happening before they started watching the '50s sitcom? Was there like a '40s radio comedy show?

    25. Oh interesting, Kat Dennings and Randall Park are watching Rambeau, but it's not a scene we've seen. So, it constantly exists as a sitcom, but "the show" that we watch doesn't show all of what happens?

    26. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Kat Dennings just said that Wanda washes dishes about every episode (barf), but we haven't seen her do that, nor have they seen enough episodes yet to say "every episode." So, there are a bunch more episodes that we have not seen, but Kat Dennings has.

    27. So, the helicopter drone thing was there in the '50s episode but Wanda only noticed it in the '60s one?

    28. Ooooh, the show skipped! That's fun!

    29. It's OBVIOUS Wanda heard Randall Park on the radio! Come on, Kat Dennings!

    30. How long has sewer guy been in this sewer? Also, how did he so easily get into the town?


    32. Okay yep, the WandaVision they watch is quicker than how it actually happened.

    33. GREAT that the '70s episode immediately ended like that.

    34. Oh, now we're seeing what actually happened between Wanda and Rambeau! Wanda's doing her magic shit. So much hand movement.

    35. Also, I guess it's always daytime in Westview.

    36. Whoa, for a second, Vision looked like a zombie with a hole in his head. Is that cause that's where Thanos took the stone? Eh, I'll find out.

    37. They can't leave and Wanda's very intense about it.

    38. We're going away from widescreen, going back into the "show." LOVE THAT.

    39. The music right now is impeccable.

    40. What an ending. Here we goooooo.

    Episode 4 takeaway: SHIIIIT.

    Episode 5, "On a Very Special Episode..."

    A moment from the Episode Five theme song
    Marvel Studios

    1. Now it's an '80s family sitcom time, yessssssss. But I will say if Wanda's just doing all this, there's a short lifespan here. Only so many decades.

    2. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are crushing this. Paul Bettany is nailing this '80s family sitcom acting so much. And yes, Kathryn Hahn, stick out that hip.

    3. Kathryn Hahn knows it's a show. Weird weird.

    4. Vision is catching on! Oh no!

    5. The twins are suddenly older now, fun!

    6. Great '80s theme song. Great great. Love little Vision.

    7. I just realized the title of the show is also like it's Wanda's vision! Like her vision of what she wants or what she's thinking or whatever!

    8. So Wanda was mind-controlling Rambeau through grief. That's super sad.

    9. Thanks for this little Wanda recap. Gotta love exposition.

    10. I'm gonna call this guy in charge of everything Not Randall Park.

    11. Don't need to hear the word "quarantine," but thanks, show.

    12. Wanda broke in and stole Vision's corpse NINE DAYS AGO. That's both so long and much less time than I would have guessed.

    13. Also, Not Randall Park, stop saying "The Vision."

    14. The dog is a bug, Wanda, the dog is a bug, do not trust the dog.

    15. Kathryn Hahn "doesn't notice" Wanda's magic shit because she's EVIL and she really does notice!

    16. Hahahaha the twins chose to get older. I don't understand the aging rules or what's voluntary in this world, and I am fine with that. I am loving it.

    17. Craving more vague science? Well, Rambeau's got it.

    18. LOVE that Rambeau's Geraldine clothes are bulletproof because she went into Westview wearing a bulletproof vest. LOVE that.

    19. Vision's job is the same nonsense it was in the '50s episode. Great.

    20. Oh god, this email is going to be to Vision. But who was this email originally for?

    21. There's a typo in the email. It should be Darcy Lewis's, not Darcy Lewis'.

    22. Ooooooh, everyone in the office reading the email at the same time like that is so unsettling.

    23. Also, I love that Vision is now the "office funny guy."

    24. Vision is going into his work friend's head!! Vision can take people out of this spell or whatever!

    25. Work friend looks for his phone! He's a modern man!

    26. Shoutout to the one woman in the '80s office.

    27. Tommy and Billy trained this dog very quickly.

    28. Oooh, Wanda says Vision "needed a distraction." She made him go to work so he'd get distracted. That is awesome.

    29. Holy shit, did they just try to shoot Wanda????

    30. Holy crap, Wanda left! She's outside "The Hex" now! She's wearing her classic outfit.

    31. Her accent is back!

    32. WOW WANDA WOW.

    33. So, she knows exactly what's going on. Love that.

    34. I also just got that WandaVision is like television! I genuinely just said "Oh my God!" out loud.

    35. Ad time. Paper towels. Women clean.

    36. Why have we met this mail carrier so much? And that was such a weird moment. He's gotta be evil or something. At least relevant in some way.

    37. Oh my god, this dog is dead.

    38. What a tonal shift I was not expecting. This scene has such a weird feeling to it.

    39. "We can't reverse death, no matter how sad it makes us" is certainly not a lesson Wanda, or Marvel, teaches.

    40. WOW Vision is coming in hot isn't he! This is gonna be a big convo.

    41. AMAZING. Fighting with credits going is AMAZING. That's my favorite thing of this whole show so far.

    42. Oh that's right, Evan Peters shows up in this! I also know that from my colleagues. He was in X-Men movies as a fast person, right?

    Episode 5 takeaway: shit's about to go down.

    Episode 6, "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!"

    Wanda with glowing eyes in Episode Six
    Marvel Studios

    1. Early '00s family sitcom theme song now! Guess we're skipping the '90s.

    2. Is there a reason he's officially "The Vision" now? Also, it's "Pietro Maximoff as himself" but no one else has an "as themselves."

    3. An early '00s-style flashback! I LOVE WANDAVISION.

    4. Bye bye, laugh tracks. You are not welcome here anymore.

    5. Oh, a flashback to real life too! To Wanda's real past! My god, this show is good.

    6. What are Wanda and Vision's Halloween costumes? Am I supposed to get it?

    7. Is Vision being kind to Wanda or is he going in and out of being mind-controlled by her?

    8. Wow, there is so much tension here between Wanda and Vision, it's unbelievable.

    9. The music in this episode is so good.

    10. "Where do you keep your water balloons?" is the best question I have ever heard.

    11. NOT RANDALL PARK IS HORRIBLE. "Which one of you is the sassy best friend?" Wow. And how dare you speak to Rambeau about her mother like that? How dare you.

    12. Ooooh, love how aware Evan Peters is.

    13. Herb! Hello! It's been a few decades!

    14. Vision isn't on duty! He lied to Wanda! That's assuming I trust Herb, and I'm not so sure at this point.

    15. Ooooh, people are glitching or whatever!

    16. #adtime. Holy shit, what an awful ad.

    17. The Incredibles and The Parent Trap are playing at the movie theater behind Wanda and Evan Peters, but they came out six years apart. I guess it's the vibe of that time period. Sure.

    18. I care about this kid's superspeed only to the extent that it's relevant to the plot and not a dollop more.

    19. Kat Dennings is hacking. Don't you love movie/TV hacking?

    20. Not Randall Park is evil and is trapping Vision to get something.

    21. Yes, everyone in this cul de sac being totally still is so good and creepy.

    22. Vision's now looking like he normally does in Marvel movies! He flies up into the sky! So he knows his normal outfit, at least on some level, and he knows he can fly.

    23. Why is Kathryn Hahn stuck like this? Is it because they get weird like this close to the boundary of town, or do they get weird like this the farther they get from Wanda?

    24. Vision supposedly wakes up Kathryn Hahn, but I'm not buying it.


    26. I love how Kathryn Hahn says "no one leaves" when it's been max nine days. Also, "Wanda won't even let us think about it" is awesome.

    27. Some more vague science from Kat Dennings. This time, the energy inside Westview has rewritten Rambeau's cells. That's not my kind of nonsense.

    28. God, Evan Peters is crushing this. I LOVE HOW AWARE HE IS.

    29. Evan Peters isn't real Wanda, he isn't real, don't tell him how you did it!!!!! DO NOT TELL HIM!!!!!! NOPE NOPE NOPE.

    30. Oh my god, Evan Peters was dead for a second with a bunch of bullet wounds! Jesus Christ.

    31. Vision's arrived at the "energy field"!

    32. Oh my god, Vision's going through it! Vision's going through it!

    33. He's dying or crumbling or something!

    34. I care about this kid's mind-reading powers only to the extent that it's relevant to the plot and not a dollop more.

    35. Oh my god, poor Vision.

    36. "It's not like your dead husband can die twice" is not chill.

    37. Why can't Wanda hear where Vision is? Why does she have to tell Billy to focus?

    38. Wanda freezes everyone!!!!!! YESSSSS.

    39. Wanda's making The Hex bigger! And Kat Dennings is gonna get sucked in!

    40. The second Vision's back inside The Hex, he's okay. Great.

    41. Oh, this transition to being inside The Hex is BRILLIANT.

    42. But why did the Westview sign change if it was like that in the '80s theme song? Eh whatever.

    43. THIS IS SO GOOD.

    Episode 6 takeaway: unbelievable.

    Episode 7, "Breaking the Fourth Wall"

    Wanda talking to the camera in Episode Seven
    Marvel Studios

    1. It's late '00s/early '10s now and it's got confessionals. LOVE IT!

    2. And it's this flashback style. I LOVE IT!

    3. Everything is changing in the house. I like how I know that means something big is building, but I don't know what.

    4. So, are these kids real?

    5. Again, show, I don't need to hear the word "quarantine."

    6. Elizabeth Olsen is positively fantastic.

    7. The milk has changed and it now has an '80s milk carton kid on it. Thanks to John Mulaney for being the reason I know what that is.

    8. Solid theme song again. And Vision's just tacked on at the end. It's not even pretending to be about Vision anymore, love it.

    9. So, no show is playing in the outside world anymore. That makes it all the more eerie, 'cause, like, why is this happening?

    10. We're with Vision now and he's still laying down at the circus in the newly expanded Hex. So, I guess the circus was for this episode? So multiple episodes were in one night last night?

    11. Hello mind-controlled Kat Dennings! Is "mind-controlled" the correct term for what's happening?

    12. Wanda is FULLY using magic in front of Kathryn Hahn now.

    13. Oh no! Not Randall Park is trying to use Vision! I hate Not Randall Park.

    14. Am I supposed to recognize this person Rambeau and Randall Park are seeing right now? I do not.

    15. These military people made this fancy Hex-proof tank thing IMMEDIATELY.

    16. Vision has "awoken" Kat Dennings! Hello again, real Kat Dennings!

    17. Also, I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for this, but why doesn't Vision try to wake the entire town?

    18. How did Vision know Pietro was fake? Did I miss that?

    19. The house doesn't freak out during Wanda's confessionals.

    20. Love the person behind the camera talking.

    21. #adtimeadtime. Side effects for this anti-depressant include "feeling your feelings" and "possibly more depression." I love it.

    22. Ooh, the kid who can read minds or whatever said that Kathryn Hahn was quiet on the inside. He gets it.

    23. #whereisralph.

    24. Rambeau is not going to "sail right through, unharmed," no way.

    25. The "energy field" turns half of the tank thing into a car. That's awesome.

    26. Rambeau runs into The Hex on her own!!! She's going for it!

    27. A bunch of different Rambeaus are showing up as she runs through the "energy field." I don't love this. It's not really my style.

    28. What's wrong with Rambeau's eyes? What's going on?

    29. Love Vision recapping who and what he is. Thanks, Kat Dennings, for the info.

    30. Oh, I ADORE the Vision confessionals.

    31. Rambeau is not wasting any time! But Wanda is not on board!

    32. Wow, Wanda's doing magic out in the open. She doesn't give a shit anymore.

    33. Why is Rambeau so powerful now? I feel like I'm not getting something.

    34. Elizabeth Olsen has to do a lot of hand acting.

    35. Kathryn Hahn is not letting Rambeau talk to Wanda! She's stopping this! Because she's evil!

    36. Vision and Kat Dennings being stopped over and over is hilarious.

    37. We're about to learn Kathryn Hahn is evil.

    38. No, no, for real, where are the kids? All jokes aside, where are the kids?

    39. Wanda, don't go into the basement!

    40. The twins added such stakes to this show, didn't they?

    41. Wow, what is Kathryn Hahn's basement? Do these tunnels go to the outside world? These vines everywhere are fun and classically evil.

    42. Aaaaaand there it is: Kathryn Hahn is evil, folks.

    43. This Agatha theme song is UNBELIEVABLE.

    44. This is my favorite thing from the whole show. The fighting while the credits rolled in the '80s episode is now #2.

    45. Oh hey, Evan Peters! He's gonna hurt Rambeau for discovering Kathryn Hahn's vine-filled basement.

    Episode 7 takeaway: wowie.

    Episode 8, "Previously On"

    Wanda in Episode Eight
    Marvel Studios

    1. Oooh, we're going back to Salem! So Kathryn Hahn is a full witch, that's fun!!!!

    2. Are witches a thing in Marvel? Well, they are now.

    3. That Kathryn Hahn thing really turned around! She's now killed her own mother! Fun stuff.

    4. Oh, so that's why Pietro looked like Evan Peters! Cool.

    5. I love this bug show-and-tell of Kathryn Hahn's abilities. Nice exposition.

    6. Oh, Kathryn Hahn's jealous of Wanda's abilities. That's super great.

    7. So, this episode is going to be full of flashbacks. I'm in.

    8. Hey, Wanda's parents have many of the sitcoms WandaVision has been paying homages to! Even though Malcom in the Middle would have been airing right then, so it doesn't really fit with the other classics there, but totally whatever.

    9. Hahahaha, Kathryn Hahn being angry people are talking loudly in a memory she's invaded is so good.

    10. Wanda becoming her younger self and living it again is stunning.

    11. Why is child Pietro mad at child Wanda for always choosing sitcoms when that's all their father has brought to watch?

    12. Aww, they watch the walnut episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. A classic. And VERY WandaVision. Obviously, me, that's why they chose it.

    13. Oh my god, the apartment getting bombed scared me. I totally should have expected that but nope, it scared me.

    14. The beeping of the Stark Industries missile was on the toaster in the ad in the first episode!

    15. How could The Dick Van Dyke Show possibly still be playing on that TV? How could the TV possibly still be working?

    16. Child Wanda and Pietro waited there for TWO DAYS??? Oh my god.

    17. Also, wait, I'm confused. Kathryn Hahn is saying child Wanda used witch magic to stop the bomb from going off, but I thought Wanda got her powers when she was kidnapped by the bad people as a teen/young adult?

    18. And we're off to memory two. Why are Wanda and the bad Hydra scientists speaking to each other in English?

    19. Wait, did Wanda just see her future superhero self while being, like, infected(?) by that Infinity Stone?

    20. Oohhh, Wanda made the footage of her Infinity Stone moment skip, too!

    21. Yeah, so Kathryn Hahn says the Infinity Stone amplified Wanda's powers, got it. So, was Pietro also born with his powers? Before the Infinity Stone, did he have slower superspeed?

    22. It's weird that loving sitcoms is such a huge huge part of Wanda and we haven't heard about it until WandaVision, but hey, alright, this is the episode trying to do the backfilling, and I will take it.

    23. "Previously On" is an amazing title for this episode.

    24. This Wanda-Vision moment is so good.

    25. Kathryn Hahn just had to seriously, passionately act the word "precipice."

    26. This episode is doing so much work.

    27. Oooh, we're in Not Randall Park's office! He's talking to Wanda!!!!!! He knows Wanda!

    28. Oh my god, they're destroying Vision's body! This is horrible for Wanda. Jesus.

    29. Wait, why is Wanda driving to Westview?

    30. It's all the Westview residents! Hello, pals! You're about to be mind-controlled!

    31. I like that the mail carrier is a pizza delivery person in real life. That implies that mail doesn't exist currently.

    32. When did Vision leave Wanda this property deed? And also, wait, he bought property for them both to live in without discussing it with her????? NOPE.

    33. The property deed says, "Grantee, Wanda Maximoff AND The Vision." Lol.

    34. This is so sad. This is amazing. This is so sad and amazing.

    35. Oh god, Vision is just a piece of her.

    36. Oh wow, that's lovely.

    37. Elizabeth Olsen is fantastic.

    38. Oh no, the children! The children!

    39. Am I supposed to know what "Chaos Magic" is? I kind of don't care.

    40. Wait, have we not heard that Wanda's the Scarlet Witch before? But that's her name.


    42. Oh, I hope that doesn't last. Marvel movies won't have the same kind of substantial stakes if that lasts.

    Episode 8 takeaway: brilliant.

    Episode 9, "The Series Finale"

    Wanda and Vision in Episode Nine
    Marvel Studios

    1. Oooh, Kathryn Hahn can take power from the undeserving. Is Wanda undeserving? And why has she not taken her power before? Actually, why did Kathryn Hahn not do all of this before, really?

    2. Hahahaha, oh I HATE this version of Evan Peters who's taken Rambeau.

    3. Ugh, I don't need to watch Vision fight Vision.

    4. How did no one notice Randall Park stole that phone?

    5. Not Randall Park's plan requires a whole lot of people to never tell anyone.

    6. When Wanda's like "I'm not a witch," why is she not also like, "Witches are real?"

    7. Also why does Wanda not have an accent right now?

    8. Wow, '60s bully is really having a terrible time.

    9. God, Wanda doesn't know what she's doing to the townspeople. Or she's in denial. Either way, that's so sad.

    10. All these characters we know happen to be in this one area on this one street right now.

    11. Rambeau discovers mail in Evan Peters's "man cave" (I could write 17 million books about that phrase) that's addressed to Ralph Bohner!



    14. "She's feisty" is disgusting.

    15. I can't believe we've met Ralph. I CANNOT BELIEVE we've met Ralph. I'm so happy.

    16. "When you let us sleep, we have your nightmares" is sooooo gooooood.

    17. "Your grief is poisoning us." Jesus Christ, this is a devastating show, isn't it?

    18. Oh my god, wait, Wanda's ending all of this??? This early in the episode???

    19. Oh god, fake Vision's gonna be destroyed.

    20. I love that all the decades are happening.

    21. The title of the show is also like it's Wanda's Vision! Like her version of Vision! Wow.

    22. Wanda's gonna start it all again to save fake Vision.

    23. Oh god and the children. They're being destroyed, too. This is awful.

    24. And Wanda keeps everything in place. Yep.

    25. Why haven't the S.W.O.R.D. people who got in turned into sitcom people?

    26. Fighting is not my thing.

    27. "Boys, handle the military." Sure.

    28. I know there's more to it than this, but these military people are pointing guns at children.

    29. OF COURSE Rambeau's bulletproof suit comes into play!

    30. Yes, Kat Dennings! I totally forgot about you!

    31. I know we have to get the information, but why is real Vision explaining to fake Vision something that they both know about?

    32. I love how easily Fake Vision is convincing Real Vision to be on his side.

    33. Ooh nice, Wanda went into Kathryn Hahn's mind! Love that.

    34. Yes, yes, all the witches are waking, yessss.

    35. Oh, I bet this red head thing is Scarlet Witch's costume in the comics. Now I get her Halloween costume from the early '00s episode.

    36. Nah, Wanda isn't giving Kathryn Hahn her powers, 'cause she would have simply given them to her. This is too much hullabaloo.

    37. If Wanda has "given Kathryn Hahn all her powers," why can she still fly?

    38. Ooh, Wanda put runes or whatever on the "energy field," very nice, very nice.

    39. This show really turned into being about witches.

    40. Wait, but how did Wanda know what shapes the runes should be or how to cast them? Whatever.

    41. Hey, this is what Wanda saw in the sky when she was infected by that Infinity Stone! So she saw the future? Alright, why not?!

    42. Look at this fancy outfit!

    43. Kathryn Hahn is awesome. (Even though "good girl" should be outlawed.)

    44. Wow, Wanda is choosing to torture Kathryn Hahn. WOW.

    45. Oh my god, this is so sad. Wanda's about to have to say goodbye to Vision and her children before she destroys them. That is so sad.

    46. They've tucked their children into bed. This is devastating.

    47. This goodbye between Wanda and Vision is so crushing.

    48. Alright, alright, Wanda, now you have to apologize to all these people you essentially kidnapped and mind-controlled.

    49. Lol, she doesn't apologize to the townspeople, she only apologizes for the general pain of it all to Rambeau.

    50. And there she goes. Wow.

    51. Okay, now we're in the post-credits scene and it's one of these green aliens talking to Rambeau. They're the Kree? Is that right?

    52. I wish this scene weren't happening right now. I don't care. I am still reeling.

    Episode 9 takeaway: that was so sad. I can't believe how good that was.

    WandaVision takeaway: It's one of the best things I've ever seen. The way that everyone was the same character in different time periods is a feat of acting. The story was so respectful of sitcoms. What a portrayal of grief.

    Every single human should watch this. And every single witch. And every single Vision. And every single Kree or whatever they're called.

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