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    I'm A Casual Marvel Fan, But I Just Watched The Last Episode Of "The Falcon And The Winter Soldier" And Had Some Thoughts

    15. Imagine being in a helicopter at a 270° angle. I would vommmmiiiiiitttttt.

    Hello! Welcome to the sixth and final week of my thoughts watching The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as a casual Marvel movie fan.

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    Let's get into Episode 6!

    1. I love that we're starting right at the hijacking of the government meeting thing. I'm not saying it's surprising, but I like it.

    The government meeting room is lit with red lights
    Marvel Studios

    2. I just laughed sooooo loudly and in shock at Emily VanCamp taking off a full electronic mask(????).

    3. Oh my god, what is that technology? What are you talking about, show? Hahahahahaha.

    4. Also, a whole part of her character has been that she's on the run! You can't just put her back in the US and have her say, "Relax, no one's looking for me here." That's so frustrating.

    5. Also, how did no one on this very busy street notice a person taking off their face to suddenly have a new face? It makes no sense!

    6. I'll (try to) stop talking about the mask thing now.

    7. How is Karli Morgenthau the only Evil Hand Person to notice a man with wings flying above?

    8. Ah, the thing in the case at the end of the last episode is a full Captain America suit for Anthony Mackie. I'll take that.

    9. Oooh except I don't like the suit, lol.

    10. This French guy who wants to kill Anthony Mackie says, "I wonder how much I can get for your new bird costume," and Anthony Mackie goes, "Maybe a baguette and a few French fries." Look alive, Anthony Mackie.

    11. God, I'm having so much fun with this episode.

    12. Yeah, for real, Sebastian Stan, keep your eyes on the prize.

    13. Emily VanCamp's "Oops I ran into you, my bad" was the least believable thing I've ever seen.

    14. Oh my god, she used mercury vapor "amongst other things" on that guy? Poor that guy! I know he was bad, but still, Jesus.

    15. Imagine being in a helicopter at a 270° angle. I would vommmmiiiiiitttttt.

    Marvel Studios

    16. I like flying over the water like that, that's lovely.

    17. Am I supposed to feel like Karli Morgenthau's morality is deteriorating? To me, she's always been like this.

    18. I love how much her fellow Evil Hand People are like "Nah, this isn't what I signed up for."

    19. Wait, there are two helicopters now? That's too many helicopters for me. I can feel my interest in this action scene fading.

    20. My second big laugh out loud of the episode! This one was at Sebastian Stan's leap off that motorcycle. LOLLLLLLLLLL.

    21. And Fake Captain America is here! Oh, I love when storylines meet like this. It's my favorite thing.

    22. Oh my god. "I don't want to hurt people that don't matter" is the worst thing Karli Morgenthau has ever said or done. Fuck you, Karli Morgenthau.

    23. Ugh, Sebastian Stan getting some closure from that person saying, "Thank you for saving us" is so cheesy to me.

    24. I kind of admire Fake Captain America's perseverance. I mean, he sucks, but he doesn't quit.

    25. Fake Captain America not rushing to save those people in that burning car is a great way to show his fundamental deficit of character for this job.

    26. Oh my god, oh my god, is Sebastian Stan about to catch a car? I will LOSE MY MIND if he catches a car.

    27. Ah no, Fake Captain America saves the people in the car. I was wrong! Nice choice, pal.

    28. It's ANTHONY MACKIE who catches the car??? But he doesn't even have super strength!

    29. I am loving this. It's baffling.

    30. How am I only 18:57 minutes in? What a wild ride.

    Anthony Mackie holding up a car
    Marvel Studios

    31. Everyone sees Anthony Mackie is Captain America now!

    32. That shot of Anthony Mackie disappearing into the smoke was gorgeous.

    33. I'm supposed to be like "Oh shit! Emily VanCamp is the Power Broker!" but I don't care about that at all, so this reveal means absolutely nothing to me.

    34. I like this dance fight between Karli Morgenthau and Anthony Mackie.

    35. Yes! We're sarcastically addressing the fact that the Evil Hand People use an app! Genuinely never thought this day would come.

    36. Is Emily VanCamp okay? Anthony Mackie and Karli Morgenthau are in the middle of an action scene, but Emily VanCamp has been shot and she's, like, right there.

    37. Wait, what? After all this drama for six episodes, Emily VanCamp is the one who defeats Karli Morgenthau? That's a letdown.

    38. Okay, so, I think that monologue Anthony Mackie just spent minutes delivering went from weird to good to weird again. I felt like everything unrelated to race screamed, “Here’s Anthony Mackie delivering a monologue."

    40. Sebastian Stan and Emily VanCamp are totally gonna hook up, right?

    41. Anthony Mackie leaves to go find that guy in the Hudson without hearing his location. Where are you going, Anthony Mackie?

    42. I have no idea what just happened. Did the Evil Hand People have someone blow them up? And who is that old guy wearing gloves in that car?

    43. Daniel Brühl! Hey, bro!

    44. Yesss!!!! Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back!!!!!!

    45. Her coat is amazing. What a vibe.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus wearing a red peacoat with asymmetrical buttons
    Marvel Studios

    46. Jesus Christ she's fantastic.

    47. Alright, Fake Captain America (whose name I really must now learn because he is no longer Fake Captain America) is going to be an "agent"? I can't figure out if I give a shit.

    48. Oh, good job, Sebastian Stan! He's going back to the elderly man in the first episode and telling him he's the one who killed his son.

    49. Isaiah grows his own kale! That's so nice.

    50. God, I know I've said it before, but I really wish this whole show were focused on the complexities and racism tied to being a Black superhero, because that's easily the best part of this. Who cares about the Power Broker?

    51. Oh wow, they've put a section about Isaiah in the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian.

    52. This is the best scene of the entire show.

    53. I'm surprising even myself by saying this, but I kind of like this little resolution party by the boat.

    54. It says "Captain America and the Winter Soldier!" I like that. That's fun.

    55. Emily VanCamp's being pardoned. Alright. Good for her.

    56. And she's evil now. Okay.

    That's it for The Falcon and the Winter Solider! (I'm going to keep calling it that for consistency's sake.) I really had fun with this bonkers episode. My main takeaway for the series: I didn't love it like I loved WandaVision, but I'm glad I saw it.

    Marvel Studios / Via

    Thanks for tuning in, Delta Nus. Until Loki maybe, lol.

    P.S. Here's Sebastian Stan doing that little knife twirl again, because why not?

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