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    I Just Watched Episode 1 Of "Loki" As A Casual Marvel Fan, And I Had Some Thoughts

    33. I like how this recap of Loki's future is just stuff from the movies.

    I had a grand time documenting my thoughts while watching WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Solider as a casual Marvel fan, so I decided to do the same with Marvel's new show, Loki!

    Let's get into Episode 1, "Glorious Purpose."

    1. Oh yay, they're introducing the time travel element right away. Thrilled with that.

    The show places the first scene in "2012", written as if its on a timeline

    15. I'm loving the runner of rich boy.

    An officer says, "Take a ticket," and rich boy says, "What is this, a deli, no"

    30. Oh my god!!! Hahahahahaha. Loki is D.B. Cooper! Hahahahaha. I LOVE THAT. I LOOOOOOVE THAT!!!!!

    Loki smiling with sunglasses as "D B Cooper"

    Alright, that's it for Episode 1! I am exciiiiiited for this show. It's already very awesome.

    See you next week, people person's paper people.