22 Dumb Rap Lyrics About Asian People

    C'mon son.

    Nods to Asian culture, and Asian women, have long found their way into rap songs, whether dropped as a punchline, painted as caricature, or offered as a symbol of status. You can hear references in recent songs off Yeezus, or golden era stuff from Diddy. The ignorance spans regions and generations.

    These lyrics tend to collapse all Asian identities — the literal BILLIONS of them — into one. Often, they promote the sexual fetishization of Asian women. Here are a couple memorable trespasses, ranging from incomprehensible to wildly offensive to just plain CORNY.

    1. Kanye West, "I'm In It"

    2. Drake, "Over My Dead Body"

    3. Lil Wayne, "Take It To The Head"

    4. Nicki Minaj, "Your Love"

    5. Chingy, "Balla Baby"

    6. Chingy, "Chingy Jackpot"

    7. Rick Ross, "Bricks"

    8. P. Diddy, "D.I.D.D.Y."

    9. Game, "I'm The King"

    10. Wiz Khalifa, "Bugatti (Remix)"

    11. Kanye West, "Marvin & Chardonnay"

    12. Schoolboy Q, "Fuck LA"

    13. Mac Miller, "S.D.S"

    14. J.Cole, "Back To The Topic"

    15. Tyler The Creator, "Burger"

    16. Young Jeezy, "Amazin"

    17. Skepta, "Asian Girl"

    18. Childish Gambino, "Backpackers"

    19. Childish Gambino, "Kids"

    20. Childish Gambino, "Break (All of the Lights)"

    21. Childish Gambino, "You See Me"

    22. Childish Gambino, "It's On"

    Just... no.

    #20 The Childish Gambino track is entitled "Break (All of the Lights remix)." A previous version misidentified the song.