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"Look" Magazine Photoshops Rihanna's Head Onto A Different Photo Of Her Body

The magazine also changed the color of her lipstick and dress.

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Rihanna appears to be the cover model on the April 23 issue of "Look" magazine. But it's not really her — it's a version of her that's been photoshopped together from two different photos of her, as the Red Carpet Fashion Awards blog noticed. The magazine used her head from the "Battleship" Japan premiere, but changed her lipstick color. For her body, they used a photo of Rihanna (right) from the Stella McCartney presentation at London Fashion Week, flipped it around, and changed the dress color from green to pink. (Hot pink pops more on a cover than forest green.)

And the gold necklace makes it look seamless. Sneaky.

The idea of a manufactured Rihanna portrait is not only kind of creepy, but also, this one wasn't even very well-done. A professional retoucher friend of BuzzFeed Shift notes: "The weirdest thing is that they left her head much too big for her body. They didn't hire a very good retoucher."

It's absurd, but not unexpected or uncommon, the retoucher adds: "If Photoshop can do it there is somebody doing it out there."