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9 Incredibly WTF Things That Happened When Lady Gaga Launched A Perfume

Gaga had a party, where she spent the night "sleeping" in a huge fake perfume bottle, getting her head tattooed. And some woman had a dead cat on her head.

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2. Guests were allowed to "touch" her hand while "she slept."

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A guest of the party tells BuzzFeed: "While she pretended to be asleep in a giant bottle of her perfume, people would go up and touch her hand and get their picture taken. This went on for like 30-60 minutes."

As seen in this photo, Marc Jacobs was among the hand-touchers.

3. When she "woke up," hairdressers started shaving the back of her head.

Says our party-going source: "She finally 'awoke' and started 'getting ready,' so we thought an actual performance was going down. NOPE. Her handlers in the bottle started reshaving her undercut." (Gaga had shaved her head before the party, so this was a reshave.)


5. The tattoo thing went on for almost an hour.

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Here's one ten minute clip.

Meanwhile, outside of the massive perfume bottle...