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    Sep 9, 2016

    24 Photos Of WTF Things That Are Normal In Aberdeen

    Turns out bins make truly amazing houses, toilets, and tables.

    1. Weird as fuck bathroom signs.


    2. Police officers doing whatever the hell they want.


    3. People casually hanging out with hijackers...

    4. ...and hijacking boats.

    Twitter: @Laurenjay

    Hell, why not. YOLO!

    5. Sexy litter.

    Seriously though, what the hell are Aberdonians getting up to in pub toilets?

    6. People getting stuck in bins.


    It gets very cold and we mistake them for houses.

    7. And using them as tables.

    Facebook: QualityZee

    Bins are so versatile.

    8. Seagulls pinching stuff from houses and shops.


    Nothing is safe, not even your Doritos.

    9. And getting into predicaments.

    Facebook: QualityZee

    That baby seagull is probably still trying to walk down that escalator.

    10. Weird effigies of Donald Trump.

    Twitter: @wpjenna

    We're not exactly big fans of his around here.

    11. Everything being underwater all the time.

    But it's OK: If you have an inflatable mattress and some mates, you can just pretend you're in Venice.

    12. And, of course, people pooing in weird places.

    No, don't poo on that bin! There's probably a person in there.

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