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16 Of The Most WTF Sights At T In The Park 2015

People really out-weirded themselves this year.

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1. These gnomes queueing for a cold pint.

2. A guy diving into some tiny pieces of polystyrene.

3. This slightly wonky Maleficent.

4. These leprechaun mariachis.

5. A guy with wood shavings stapled to his head.

8. These mad-wi'-it Teletubbies.

9. This nightmarish version of Shrek.

Revellers at #TITP2015 are getting into the spirit of Fancy Dress Friday

10. This wasted Honey Monster.

11. This low-budget version of Wolf Hall.

Fairytale fancy dress Friday at #TITP15

12. A back-to-front man.

Hilary Wardle / BuzzFeed

13. These out-of-place Oompa Loompas.

14. A guy taking a shite in someone's tent.

A naked guy has turned up at the campsite and took a shite in someone's tent #TITP2015

15. This blushing bride and his skeleton-troll groom.

16. And a guy trying to phone home on his shoe.

Ye ken youve had enough when your calling yer maw fae yer shoe! #TITP