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    31 Photos That Will Make All Scots Feel A Deep Sense Of Pride

    We're a funny lot.

    1. These helpful directions on a fee-charging cash machine in Glasgow.

    2. This reaction to the queue outside the Krispy Kreme shop in Edinburgh.

    3. This beautiful gift.

    4. This pub.

    5. This method of voting.

    6. This seasonal Edinburgh chip shop offer.

    7. This spectacular tattoo.

    Deadline News

    8. This cocktail.

    9. This response to the 2013 horse-meat scandal.

    10. This pleasingly straightforward subway system.

    11. This cheery message on a Glasgow parking meter.

    "Be excellent to each other!"

    12. This extremely polite criminal.

    13. This Valentine's present suggestion.

    14. This thoughtful attempt to give Donald Trump a new look.

    15. This pub's beer selection during the referendum.

    16. This helpful sign in Aberdeen.

    17. This historic cairn on the top of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

    18. This Christmas tree.

    19. This advent calendar.

    20. This straightforward response to a rhetorical question.

    21. This Glasgow bar's response to the British nationalist riots in George Square.

    22. This snack bar in Cumbernauld.

    23. This generous Edinburgh resident.

    24. This sporting event.

    25. This political pun spotted in a Glasgow toilet.

    26. This impressive feat by Edinburgh University students.

    27. This giraffe.

    28. This sign in front of an Edinburgh cafe.

    29. This wi-fi network name in Glasgow.

    30. This guy.

    At a recent 2015 general election hustings event in Selkirk, one of the candidates turned up dressed in a suit of armour and a sword.

    31. And, of course, this guy.

    Here's tae us; wha's like us? Gey few, and they're a' deid.

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