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    Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    26 Times Scottish People Were A Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

    Seriously though, who the fuck steals a damn toilet?

    1. When Jayson took his mum's instructions a bit too literally:

    2. When Anthony summed up what was wrong with this lollipop man's outfit:

    3. When Katie and Robbie's parents went a a bit OTT:

    4. When Roisin got rumbled:

    5. When Sweet Wee Ethel made her feelings known:

    6. When these Glaswegian guys made their own shirts for the England vs. Iceland game:

    7. And when Ross went one step further:

    8. When this shop in Airdrie put up a bilingual sign:

    9. When Kenny was baffled by a cereal bar:

    10. When this anti-SDL protester absolutely killed it:

    11. When Aberdeen's finest decided to have a bit of fun:

    12. When this mum mixed up RiRi and Queen Bey:

    13. When Darren was all of us:

    14. When this woman gave Donald Trump a warm welcome:

    15. And when this guy decided to do the same:

    16. When this happened:

    17. And this:

    18. When Sean cracked us all up:

    19. When this guy hit the nail on the head:

    20. And so did Robbie:

    21. When Sam killed it with this pun:

    22. When this woman thought she was a fox whisperer:

    23. When this guy took wrong numbers to the next level:

    24. When some vandals got creative:

    25. When these neds got bored:

    26. And when a rogue plumber nicked Stephen's toilet:

    Twitter: @zoebalfour_

    Scotland, the internet would be a deeply boring place without you.

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