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This Is Why Lots Of Scottish People Hate Donald Trump

Ever wondered why they keep calling him a c*nt? Read on.

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So, you may have noticed that whenever Donald Trump visits Scotland, he gets a bit of a negative reception.

People rubbing balloons on his hair, calling him a cunt and a bawbag, mercilessly trolling him on Twitter. That sort of thing. It's been going on for years, way before he became president. So, what's up?

It started in 2006 when Trump decided to buy an estate in Aberdeenshire and turn it into a golf resort. But there were some sand dunes standing in his way.

Trump's proposal involved building two 18-hole golf courses, a 450-room hotel and spa, 36 golf villas, 500 staff houses, and 950 holiday homes in the area.

But (TWIST!) the planned resort would encroach on a protected site of special scientific interest, damaging wildlife habitat and fragile coastal dunes. And you're not really allowed to destroy things like that.

Unsurprisingly, Trump didn't agree that the dunes were worth saving (calling them "desolate"). He also said his resort would create 6,000 jobs in the area.

Twitter: @USofJR

Even though the dunes looked a bit like his hair, he didn't want to save them.

But Aberdeenshire council didn't agree that they were desolate, and threw out Trump's £1 billion proposal on environmental grounds in 2007. Sad!

This decision caused quite a stushie in the Scottish government, who called in the plans, effectively taking decision-making power away from Aberdeenshire council. They approved Trump's proposal in 2008. Lol, fuck you, dunes!


Now, meet Michael Forbes: Aberdeenshire farmer, jumper-wearer, and view-spoiler.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

The decision to give Trump the go-ahead in 2008 turned the lives of Forbes and other local homeowners (including Forbes' 92-year-old mum) upside down. Trump didn't like the ramshackle look of Forbes' farm buildings, said they "spoiled the view" from his resort, and tried to get rid of him and the other homeowners by:

1. Offering to buy their land (Forbes told him to "stick his money up his arse".)

2. Trying to get residents evicted using compulsory purchase orders

3. Building a wall of dirt and sand around their homes, then sending them the bill

So around 100 local residents got together and formed an organisation called "Tripping Up Trump".

Tripping Up Trump's mission is to protect local residents from falling victim to compulsory purchase orders and eviction by buying up parcels of land adjacent to Trump's Menie Estate and adding additional names to the land deeds.

There's also this whole sub-plot about a proposed wind farm that's just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Getty / Twitter: @realdonaldtrump / BuzzFeed

Remember how obsessed Trump is with the view from his resort? Well, you won't be surprised to hear he was raging when the Scottish government approved plans for an offshore wind farm within sight of his golf course in 2012.

Since 2012, he's tweeted about the wind farm 60 times, made a series of legal challenges in the Scottish courts to halt the project, called Alex Salmond a "has been", and finally appealed to the UK's Supreme Court in London. Where he lost.

Oh, remember the 6,000 jobs Trump promised? Guess how many jobs the resort has actually created.

International Film Circuit

Around 150, according to this Independent article. Not long after he got approval, Trump took a battering in the 2008 credit crunch and scaled back his plans. Instead of building the giganti-resort, he built one golf course, a small clubhouse, and a 19-room boutique hotel.

Oh, but he bulldozed the dunes anyway. The destruction of the dunes was filmed and included in the 2011 documentary You've Been Trumped.