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The 21 Most Terrible Things Staffordshire Bull Terriers Did In 2016

They're such scary dogs.

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4. And they hogged the sofa, too.

Instagram: @thorblueboy

Not to mention all of the cushions.


5. They couldn't be trusted around children.

Instagram: @hilbots / Via Daisy Mitchell with Savannah



9. And bared their teeth.


10. And even the old ones weren't safe to be around.

Instagram: @chopsthestaffy

Chops is clearly a monster.

12. They didn't play well with other dogs.

Instagram: @staffymoments

And intimidated them with jazz hands.


16. This puppy probably ate, like, twelve postmen.

Instagram: @arnoldstaffzenegger

Just look into his eyes. There's such a lust for blood.


19. Oh, and they ruined Christmas too.

Instagram: @mista_hank

When will this madness end?


21. Yes, we really need to warn people about these terrible, terrible dogs in 2017.

Instagram: @staffymoments

No blanket, cushion, or sofa is safe until we do.

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