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Being A Teenager In America Vs. Being A Teenager In Scotland

American teenagers: "I love you mom!" Scottish teenagers: "Am sitting wae ma cock in a pint of milk cos the wee man is on fire."

1. American teenagers on Twitter:

Scottish teenagers on Twitter:

2. Why teenagers get angry in America:


Why teenagers get angry in Scotland:

3. American teenagers on their birthday:

Scottish teenagers on their birthday:

4. Teenage hobbies in America: / Creative Commons

Teenage hobbies in Scotland:

5. American teenagers at festivals:

Scottish teenagers at festivals:

6. American teenagers on Facebook:

Scottish teenagers on Facebook:

7. Slumber parties in America:

Revolution Studios,

Slumber parties in Scotland:

8. Text messages from teenagers in America:

Text messages from teenagers in Scotland:

9. American yearbook quotes:

Scottish yearbook quotes:

10. Proms in America:

Proms in Scotland:

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