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32 Photos That Show How Different The UK Countries Are

Should we even be united?

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1. Food in Scotland:

Food in Northern Ireland:

Food in Wales:

Food in England:

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2. Local news in Scotland:

Local news in Northern Ireland:

Local news in Wales:

Local news in England:

3. Graffiti in Scotland:

Graffiti in Northern Ireland:

Graffiti in Wales:

Graffiti in England:

4. Summer in Scotland:


Summer in Northern Ireland:

Summer in Wales:

Summer in England:

5. Romance in Scotland:

Romance in Northern Ireland:

Romance in Wales:

Romance in England:

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

6. Travel disruptions in Scotland:

Travel disruptions in Northern Ireland:

Travel disruptions in Wales:

Travel disruptions in England:

7. Pubs in Scotland:

Pubs in Northern Ireland

Pubs in Wales:

Pubs in England:

8. National heroes in Scotland:

Daily Record

National heroes in Northern Ireland:

National heroes in Wales:

National heroes in England:

The Sunday Sport