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One Of These Nine Adorable Dogs Will Become Scotland's Next "Ambassadog"

Meet Sydney, Blaze, Cluanie, Fenton, Cassie, Casper, George, Manny, and Bertie.

This is Sydney, a 4-year-old pug from Edinburgh.

Visit Scotland / Butterfly Films

Her owner is one of over 200 people who put their pets forward to become Scotland's national "ambassadog", after tourism agency Visit Scotland announced that it was searching for a canine representative to promote the country, appear in TV interviews, go to events, and share their adventures on social media.

Sydney is one of nine adorable finalists for the "ambassadog" position, as is Blaze, a border collie from the Isle of Skye.

Visit Scotland / Butterfly Films

Blaze spends most of her time roaming the Cuillin Hills in Skye with her owner. According to the rules, the winning dog has to be “outgoing, Scotland-loving, and well-trained” and be able to give their “paw of approval” to the best walks in the country. The winning owner will receive a free, dog-friendly holiday in Scotland.

Cassie was rescued from a stray shelter in Romania.

Visit Scotland

She's a 3-year-old Patterdale terrier cross who now lives in East Lothian thanks to rehoming charity Animal Rescue Crew. She loves beaches and climbing 4,000-foot-high Munros. She also posts on Facebook as "Cassie the Rescue Dog".

George is a really big deal on Instagram.

Visit Scotland

George is a 1-year-old pup from Glasgow. He's owned by twin sisters Victoria and Emma Rae, and one of his favourite places is Loch Lomond. He also has 15.3k followers on Instagram, where he goes by the name @golden_george_.

Casper is a castle enthusiast and blogger.

Visit Scotland

Three-year-old Casper lives in Edinburgh, and he particularly enjoys "having a sniff around castle ruins". He's walked the West Highland Way, and knows how to rock a tartan neckerchief. He also has his own blog, Wee White Dug.

Cluanie once climbed Ben Nevis in a kilt.

Visit Scotland / Butterfly Films

Four-year-old Jack Russell Cluanie loves to climb Munros. He scaled Ben Nevis in a kilt to raise money for the Highland Hospice, accompanied by his construction worker owner, Micky. He lives in North Kessock near Inverness.

Manny likes agility classes and fancy hotels.

Visit Scotland / Butterfly Films

Manny is an 11-month-old border collie from Fife who loves nothing more than jumping through hoops, walking along the Fife Coastal Path, and relaxing at the dog-friendly Bridge of Lochay Hotel in Killin, where she gets lots of treats.

Bertie enjoys spending time at his holiday home in the northwest Highlands.

Visit Scotland

This pampered 6-year-old fox terrier's full name is Granddach Beinn Allign, but he goes by Bertie. He enjoys climbing mountains, and divides his time between Aberdeen and his owner Gail's holiday cottage on the shores of Loch Torridon.

And Fenton enjoys sailing around Shetland.

Visit Scotland / Butterfly Films

Fenton's owner is an ambulance technician from Shetland, who says that the 4-year-old Sheltie helps her switch off after emotional days at work. Fenton enjoys swimming in the sea and boat trips. And yes, she is named after "that" Fenton.

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To avoid a "Boaty McBoatface"-style drama, we should clarify that the judges' decision is final, but Visit Scotland does want to "factor in what BuzzFeed readers think". The result will be announced during May. Check out Visit Scotland's dedicated Ambassadog page for more information.

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