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19 British Animals Who Deserve A Part On "Planet Earth II"

It's a disgrace that the wildlife series is ignoring our unique native breeds, like the majestic Mancunian fagpie, and the lesser-spotted chundergoose.

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2. And this fox, which is attempting to break into a Glasgow branch of Pizza Hut.

Foxes also scavenge for food. This one has been sent out to collect a Triple Treat 18-inch pizza by its mate, who ordered it on Just Eat half an hour ago.


4. These pigeons, who appear to be holding a job interview.

Birds have incredibly large and complex flocks, and equally complex social systems in place to manage those hierarchies, like application forms and CVs.

6. The Welsh seagull who fell into a curry.

Vale Wildlife Hospital / Vale Wildlife Hospital/Solent

Gulls are truly amazing, majestic, and adaptable creatures. They can survive plunges into the iciest Antarctic seas, and the hottest tikka masalas.


10. This queueing fox.

Twitter: @clivehol

Foxes live in a state of constant and intense rivalry with one another. This one is about to check his balance so he can see if he can afford some fancy new trainers. If he can't, he may well be bullied when he returns to his den.


13. This seagull with his head stuck in a takeaway box.

Facebook: QualityZee

In an elaborate and unique ritual, Aberdeen seagulls buy kebabs for the females of their species, usually on a Saturday night. This seagull's potential mate clearly wasn't that fond of hers, and smacked him round the head with it.


18. This majestic fagpie.

Twitter: @WillMcHoebag

This spectacularly beautiful bird is only found in Manchester, and conservationists are worried that the increasing price of B&H, not to mention its chronic lung problems, will see it driven to extinction within the next few years.

19. And, of course, this terrapin riding a very dead fox.

Facebook: shitlondon

And here, we see a terrapin using a rotting fox as a raft. Rarely before has such an inspiring sight been seen on these rolling, green, and pleasant isles. Truly, we as a nation are blessed by the incredible bounty of our beautiful wildlife.

*Wipes away awed tears*

Bravo, Britain. Bravo.