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Updated on Feb 7, 2019. Posted on Feb 27, 2014

How Scottish Are You?

With an independence referendum looming, there’s never been a better time to examine your inner Scottishness. Especially if you live there.

Photo illustration by Matt Tucker, alexis84/Zlatko Kostic/Thinkstock
  1. 1. The World Cup’s on! Scotland didn’t qualify (again). Who do you support?

    Mark Runnacles / Getty
  2. 2. Time for breakfast. What do you fancy?

  3. 3. It’s Saturday night. Time for fun! What do you want to do?

    Chris Jackson / Getty
  4. 4. You’re late for an important meeting, but as you dash past your favourite statue of The Duke of Wellington you notice that it doesn’t have a traffic cone on its head. What do you do?

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty
  5. 5. It’s a roasty toasty 13°C outside! Summer’s here! What do you do?

    Dan Kitwood / Getty
  6. 6. You’re going on a camping holiday. What do you pack?

    Matt Cardy / Getty
  7. 7. You’re at a restaurant and the waiter asks you which vegetables you want with your main meal. What do you say?

    Putu Sayoga / Getty
  8. 8. Your favourite comedy programme is....?

  9. 9. You’re hosting a cocktail party. What drinks do you get in?

    Isaac Brekken / Getty
  10. 10. You’re at a Scotland-England match and Flower of Scotland is being played. What do you do?

    Dan Kitwood / Getty
  11. 11. You’ve been asked to make a toast at the start of a meal. What do you say?

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty

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