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Sorry To Break This To You, But Jim From "The Office" Is Actually A Dick

Pam should have ended up with Brian the lovely boom mic guy instead. Not Jim.

Pretty much everyone considers Jim and Pam Halpert to be the most perfectly suited TV couple of all time. But guess what: You're all wrong.

Because Jim is a dick.

1. First of all, it's worth pointing out that Jim doesn't start off as a dick. His dickishness increases over time.

2. Then there was his treatment of Karen. WTF, Jim.

3. Remember when Pam had her art show? Where was Jim? Oh, yes, he didn't show up to support her.

4. And his treatment of Pam actually sucked quite a lot of the time after they got together as well.

5. When Pam tries to fake a call to get out of lunch with her mom and Michael, Jim sabotages her.

6. In Season 5, he doesn't pay any attention to anything Pam tells him about her art course.

7. And can we please talk about the fact he BOUGHT PAM A DAMN HOUSE WITHOUT TELLING HER?

8. And why will he never PARTICIPATE in anything? Who refuses to dress up at Halloween?

9. He's a mediocre co-parent at best, and leaves Pam to pick up the slack with Cece way too often.

10. When he gets the "best dad" Dundie, does he mention Pam? NO, OF COURSE HE DOES NOT.

11. He's also, like, the least supportive colleague ever.

12. He's always bitching about his job, and imagining running away or doing something else.

13. So it's hardly a surprise when he does his ultimate dick move: Taking the "Athlead" job without telling Pam.

14. And if that wasn't enough, he then decides to invest $10,000 in Athlead "to look like a team player".

15. Unsurprisingly, this "best dad" isn't too sad to be several hundred miles away from his own kids.

16. Jim tells all his new colleagues he's planning to move to Philly. Do you know who he doesn't tell?

17. This all culminates, of course, in him missing Cece's dance recital. And then MAKING PAM CRY.

18. But wait, what's this? Why, it's Brian the extremely handsome boom mic operator, of course!


20. And don't forget that he protected Pam from that vindictive warehouse guy too. He saved her LIFE (sort of).