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24 Scottish Mums Who Simply Did Not Give A Shit In 2015


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1. This mum, whose Snapchat game was strong.

never add ma maw on snapchat 😺😺😺

2. This mum, who definitely won Halloween.

Ma maw says she doesny want any folk trick or treating or that so she's done this 😂😂😭😭😅am buckled man 😭😭😂

3. This mum, who you should never add on Facebook.

4. This mum, who watched too much Breaking Bad.

5. And this mum, who turned into Jesse Pinkman.

my mum keeps putting 420 blaze it on facebook, stop it maw

6. This mum, who didn't need a TV to entertain her.

ma maw needs to delete snapchat omg man

7. This mum, who decided David should buy his own fucking noodles for a change.

Asked ma maw to buy pot noodles n she's bought these,ye could've saved yersel the 39p n just telt me ye didny love me

8. This mum, who took a novel, creative, and elegant approach to interior decorating.

Just spotted this in ma hoose, can someone please explain to me why ma maw has 3 burnt potato wedges in a frame?

9. And this mum, who decided that anything can be a table decoration if you add a doily.

My maw has tried to make a table decoration oot of a jar of peas n carrots

10. This mum, who took drunk shopping to a whole new level.

my maw just facetimed me to show me she got a canvas made of me with a cone on my head when she was mwi hahaha

11. This mum, who perfected the art of cocktail making.

I sent Ma maw a picture of my strawberry daiquiri and she replied this, the wummins no right

12. This mum, whose secret passion finally came to light.

am cryin why is my maw meetin 5sos

13. This mum, who made some great new friends.

has ma maw lost it or something actual wit is this??!!😂😂😂

14. This mum, who had a much better social life than you.

Just chilling in the hoose and ma auld maw sends me a pic of her & @robertflorence at the @OfficialSAMA #upehroadmaw

15. This mum, who refused to let the '80s die.

Ma maw is turning upto a party in roller boots wtf

16. This mum, who didn't shy away from an obvious joke.

Hahahhahaah oh my Christ some things should be kept away from Facebook maw

17. This mum, who didn't let inconvenient initials get in the way of a good necklace.

my maw got a neckalce with my dad's, my brother's n my initials on it

18. This thrifty mum, who refused to waste money on an expensive North Face jacket.

Asked ma maw to get me a waterproof jacket n she came home way this, nae bother maw al be outside diverting traffic

19. This mum, who life hacked her way to lunch success.

Maw must have ran out of sandwich bags so gave me my lunch in a polly pocket

20. This mum, who invented the cabbagestagram.

Why has my mum instagramed a picture of a cabbage, infact why has my maw even got instagram

21. This mum, who redefined the word "scarecrow."

My maw has made a scarecrow for the garden get me out this house

22. And this mum, who redefined chicken fried rice.

Just in fi work and ma maw hands me a chicken spooning a plate ae rice for ma dinner. Could my day get any worse?

23. This mum, who proved she still had it.

Sister just sent me this photo? That's ma best mate and ma maw😂 wtf

24. And this mum, who is definitely living her best life.

Hahaha still canny believe ma maw got a mug made up from the time she met jay from the inbetweeners in ayr central