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    19 Edinburgh Uni Students Who Need To Take A Long, Hard Look At Themselves

    Guys, the library is for studying, not watching crap porn and making spunk jokes.

    1. When a clipart fan created this caring sign.

    2. When this fresher definitely wasn't hungover.

    3. When "Jammers" decided to introduce himself.

    4. When someone submitted this Thatcher-themed chat-up letter to The Student...

    5. ...when this atrocity took place...

    6. ...and when this thirsty lass went a bit too far.

    7. When someone suggested this was a typical Edinburgh Uni student's weekend away.

    8. When this library desk hog really didn't want anyone to steal his computer.

    9. When a smartarse did this to a uni keyboard:

    10. And when someone else left a (really naff, mid-'00s) porn DVD in one of the computers.

    11. When this bad motherfucker wasn't going to let a bit of snow stop him unicycling to KB.

    12. When a guy gave a presentation dressed like this:

    13. When these Marchmont students turned their flat into a homage to The Walking Dead.

    14. And when some other bantersauruses did this.

    15. When someone came out with this zinger in Teviot.

    16. And when this student "crossed swords" in The Hive.

    17. When these flatmates decided to publicly shame their neighbours.

    18. When a brave soul proved that there's no one more daring* than a drunk student.

    19. And, most gloriously of all, when Becca needed a shit.