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12 Unbelievable Houses That Cost Less Than £80,000 In Scotland

£79,000 gets you a 7-metre studio in London, or a six bedroom hotel in Scotland.

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In January 2016, a studio in Clapton was marketed as "the cheapest flat in London."

With only 7 square metres of living space, it's basically just a cupboard. In fact, it's so small that banks aren't willing to offer a mortgage for it, meaning the winning buyer (who ended up paying over £79,000) had to pay for it in full. In cash.

1. This gorgeous forest lodge in Dollar near Stirling.

Bedrooms: Three

Property type: Detached house

• Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Glen Devon in Perthshire.

• It's got double glazing, two bathrooms, a fire, a big garden, and a terrace as well.


2. This stunning house in Beith, North Ayrshire.

Bedrooms: Two

Property type: Terraced house

• Beith is a small, picturesque town just 21 miles west of Glasgow.

• The house has a "good-sized timber storage shed", which would probably sell for £79,000 in Clapham.

6. This beautiful country cottage in Girvan.

Bedrooms: Three

Property type: Terraced house

• It's the one with the green paintwork in the photo, and it's actually only £73,000.

• Just look at that lovely kitchen. And the scenery. And that door leading to the garden. Gorgeous.


7. This handsome town house in Ayr.

Bedrooms: Two

Property type: Apartment

• Traditional, spacious flat in a 19th century terrace with double glazing and all the mod cons.

• Ayr is just 15 minutes from Prestwick Airport, so you could probably still commute to London.

8. This stone villa in Dunfermline.

Bedrooms: Three

Property type: Terraced house

• Dunfermline is a pretty and popular commuter town, just 30 mins from Edinburgh.

• The villa is surrounded by open countryside, so you could probably get a pony or something.

9. This snug lochside cottage in Cairnryan.

Bedrooms: Three

Property type: Semi-detached house

• Lovely old cottage on the shore of Loch Ryan dating back to the 1800s, but modernised throughout.

• The teeny-tiny trees outside the front door will make you feel like a giant.

11. This quaint cottage in Coupar Angus.

Bedrooms: Two

Property type: Terraced cottage

• Lovely historic cottage in the village of Coupar Angus just 30 minutes from Dundee.

• If you ask really nicely, the current owners might give you that rocking horse.

12. And the six bedroom Kelvin House Hotel in Glenluce, Wigtownshire.

Bedrooms: Six

Property type: Detached house.

• The owners want to retire, hence the low (£75,000) asking price.

• You could either run it as a business, or live like royalty lounging around on rose petal covered sheets.

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