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28 Piss-Your-Pants "Whose Line" Jokes That Prove It's A National Treasure

"Superheroes you wouldn't want to be rescued by." "Did someone call...TRUMP?"

1. When Wayne was simply terrible.

2. When Brad revealed this amazing magic trick.

3. When Wayne came up with this 🔥 line.

4. When they didn't need to spell out the bad news.

5. When Aisha delivered this epic burn.

6. When Ryan and Colin got topical.

7. When the guys tried their hand at protesting.

8. When this gag went downhill quickly.

9. And when this one got dark AF.

The CW /

10. When Wayne killed it yet again.

11. When the guys weren't impressed with the topic.

The CW

12. And when Colin got badly burned.

The CW

13. When Wayne didn't need to say a word.

The CW

14. When Colin came out with the best dad joke ever.

The CW

15. When Ryan was just really, really funny.

The CW /

16. And so was Wayne.

The CW /

17. When Ryan channelled Leonardo DiCaprio.

The CW /

18. When Wayne invented the best TV mash-up.

The CW /

19. And then this happened.

20. And when they finally ruined Sesame Street forever.

21. When Colin revealed far too much.

The CW /

22. When Ryan was royally creepy.

The CW /

23. When Colin came out with this disturbing classic.

The CW /

24. When Ryan was the World's Worst Dad.

The CW /

25. When Wayne put his shark mask to good use.

26. When Colin went all Shawshank Redemption.

The CW

27. When they revealed the world's worst superhero.

28. And when the late, great Robin Williams introduced us to "Paranoia Man".

The CW

Amazing. Here's to another quarter century of party quirks and hoedowns.

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