16 Strange And Surprising Facts About Medieval England

    What springs to mind when you hear the phrase "Medieval England"? Peasants? Witches? Chivalrous knights? If so, these facts might surprise you. Thanks to The Time Traveller's Guide To Medieval England for inspiring some of the entries.

    1. Men wore figure hugging clothing (and corsets).

    2. Medieval bread could get you high. Or kill you.

    3. A monk called Roger Bacon predicted the future.

    4. There were no peasants in Medieval England.

    5. Farm animals were tiny.

    6. There was a war between Oxford University students and local townspeople.

    7. Animals could be tried for - and convicted of- crimes.

    8. Knights were assholes...

    9. ...and some of them were female.

    10. Medieval England was virtually empty.

    11. Witchcraft wasn't a problem.

    12. Medieval shoes could be up to two feet long.

    13. Bridges weren't really a thing.

    14. Football was illegal. And violent.

    15. Archery practice was compulsory.

    16. Rich people ate porpoise haggis.