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    Feb 9, 2012

    20 Weird Chocolate Sculptures

    You're probably not supposed to eat these since they're like, art, or whatever.

    1. Birth of Venus


    Ah, the "Birth of Venus" as Botticelli intended: edible.

    2. Camera:


    "Quick, take a picture before the shutter melts!" - someone actually said that, I bet.

    3. Something from a horror film:


    A must-have chocolate sculpture at any party where you want to upset all the guests.

    4. Chess Board


    This is probably the only way I'd play chess, unfortunately.

    5. A sensual woman:


    So seductive, so chocolatey.

    6. A super aged Edward Cullen:


    Robert Pattinson has never looked so good.

    7. Han Solo stuck in Carbonite:

    8. The Pietà:

    Via Flickr: oh-barcelona

    Somewhere Michelangelo is really hungry.

    9. Abu Simbel

    10. Nikes:


    "Just eat it" is their new motto. Ehhh, ehhhh?

    11. President Obama:

    12. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

    13. This pretty cute dress:


    I'd wear it. I'd wear it while I sat inside so I could also eat it in front of my t.v.

    14. Hyper-realistic high heels:

    15. Creepy kid with pigeons:


    This child looks like he/she is going through some major inner turmoil.

    16. A clown that will haunt your dreams:


    I don't know if I want to eat it or back away slowly.

    17. Life-size soccer player Lionel Messi:

    18. Arc de Triomphe


    Italian chocolatier Mirco Mirco Della Vecchia makes historical landmarks delicious.

    19. Stonehenge:

    20. Your future chocolate boyfriend:


    Fashion designer Karl Lagerfield apparently sculpted this after his model boy toy. Sorry, ladies, this chocolate hunk is spoken for.

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