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Three Tweets That Prove Jeffrey Jay Is A Beast On Twitter

Everyone knows Jeffrey Jay is a great guy. BUT HAVE YOU SEEN HIS TWITTER? You can all STOP TWEETING and everyone in the entire world should follow him because he DESTROYS THE INTERNET!

HeyHeyJeffreyJay 3 years ago

13 Reasons It's Weird Being A Trans Guy On Grindr

Believe it or not, some guys on Grindr want to go on dates. As a trans guy, it adds another element of awesomeness.

HeyHeyJeffreyJay 4 years ago

WikiHow Instructionals That Are Helpful If You're Not A Human

WikiHow is a wonderful reference for learning anything. ANYTHING! Are you new to this planet and not sure how to act? WikiHow comes to the rescue!

HeyHeyJeffreyJay 5 years ago