13 Reasons It's Weird Being A Trans Guy On Grindr

    Believe it or not, some guys on Grindr want to go on dates. As a trans guy, it adds another element of awesomeness.

    1. Dudes want to try us.

    2. Guys think we are lesbians who downloaded the wrong app.

    3. We get the best icebreakers!

    4. We get to be a walking trans wiki!

    5. Attempts at compliments often miss the mark.

    6. Gay trans guys are pretty cool for the weirdest reasons.

    7. We're brave too!

    8. All the LOLZ!

    9. Everyone is so curious!

    10. Sometimes they overdo it on the pronouns.

    11. It can take a few tries to get our point across.

    12. Guys would totally give us a good time.

    13. It can be fun even when it's not about trans stuff.