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    WikiHow Instructionals That Are Helpful If You're Not A Human

    WikiHow is a wonderful reference for learning anything. ANYTHING! Are you new to this planet and not sure how to act? WikiHow comes to the rescue!

    How to Walk!

    First you have to learn to walk with your new, pesky human legs.

    How to Sit

    Walking was easy, but now how do you get back down?

    How to Put on Pants

    In only 11 simple steps you can figure out how to put on those weird bottom clothes that people wear!

    How to Talk to People

    NO! Don't talk to animals! Talk to PEOPLE!

    How to Eat Food Without Getting Messy

    Has all this learning made you hungry? Here's how you put things in your pie hole without giving yourself away.

    How to Teach Yourself to Read

    I'm not sure how you read how to teach yourself to read, but hey, it's there for ya buddy!

    How to Blend in at The University of Delaware

    Now that you can read, want to go to college? How about The University of Delaware? There's already a guide for you!

    How to Make People Think You Are an Alien

    But most importantly, don't do any of this!

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