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    21 Subscription Boxes For Kids That'll Deliver Some Fun To Your Door

    ...or at least keep them entertained long enough for you to catch up on Real Housewives.

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    Tired of being your little one's makeshift teacher, source of entertainment, *and* parent? Totally fair!


    It might be worth it to give one of these subscription boxes for kids a try (if only to buy yourself a few moments of peace). Here are some fun options your tyke might enjoy!

    1. The Preschool Box is packed with over 16 activities for your preschooler or kindergartener to enjoy, providing you with resources to help your kiddo learn something new *and* have some fun.


    Why they're great: Each box focuses on helping kids improve their phonics skills, counting, shapes, colors, and writing through activities they'll actually enjoy doing. Big parenting win!

    Get it from Cratejoy for $29.16 a month.

    2. KiwiCo offers projects for every age group, so no matter how young or old your child is you'll ideally be able to find a box that matches their current interests and learning level.


    Why they're great: Their boxes are curated to focus on specific age groups, so each one is filled with an activity to help your kiddo grow or learn something new. Added bonus? A portion of every Panda Crate purchase is donated toward child development research.

    Get it from KiwiCo: the Panda Crate for ages 0–24 for $39.90 (one crate every two months) or the Maker Crate for ages 14+ for $29.95 a month

    3. Little Passports is a must-have for adventurous tykes β€” it'll help kids (and their parents) somewhat fulfill the increased wanderlust they've likely been feeling lately.

    littlepassports / Via

    Why they're great: Each box features two characters that'll "accompany" your kiddo on an exciting worldwide adventure. There are various monthly boxes that coordinate to different age groups (3–5, 6–10, 7–12, and 9+) and come jam-packed with activities to help your little one learn something new about the world. For example, the Little Passports: World Edition (ages 6–10) comes with stickers, activity sheets, a postcard, a letter from Sam and Sofia, fun souvenirs, bonus recipes and crafts, and access to online games and activities. Pretty exciting!

    Get it from Little Passports: World Edition for $14.95 a month or Early Explorers for $16.95 a month

    4. Kidstir, perfect for any wannabe chef who has been watching a *few* too many hours of The Great British Baking Show alongside their parents.


    Why they're great: Not only does each kit come with a new recipe that'll teach your kiddo essential kitchen skills, but it also includes specially selected kitchen utensils. Shopping lists are emailed to parents before the box arrives so you can get all the ingredients you need for a fun day of cooking with your little chef.

    Get the monthly subscription box from Kidstir for $24.99 a month.

    5. Spangler Science Club will turn your kids into miniature Bill Nyes and provide them with an exciting experiment to tackle each month.

    stevespanglerscience / Via

    Why they're great: Each month this subscription will bring the fun of science to your home! It'll inspire your kids to be creative and partake in a hands-on activity. It's perfect for kids ages 5–12 (younger kiddos will just need assistance from an adult).

    Get a three-month subscription from Steven Spangler Science for $19.99 a month.

    6. Brick Loot, a monthly themed Lego subscription box you can count on to get your kids excited to check the mail each day in hopes their fun for the week has arrived.

    brickloot / Via

    Why they're great: TBH, my nearly 30-year-old husband would probably enjoy this as much as any kid. Legos are a timeless activity and the thought of getting a box filled of 'em each month sounds absolutely enticing! Brick Loot was actually developed by a 9-year-old (who is now 15) who thought it would be exciting to receive a new custom Lego kit each month. Each box includes 4–8 items, so fun!

    Get a three-month subscription from Brick Loot for $25.98 a month.

    7. Hoppi Box is geared to your baby's age, so it'll help them achieve developmental milestones while having a blast at the same time.

    hoppi_box / Via

    Why they're great: This subscription is designed for little ones from ages 0–3, so it's an awesome gift for new parents. Each box contains 3–5 toys that have been selected by a group of childhood experts.

    Get a quarterly subscription from Hoppi Box for $75 each quarter.

    8. Literati, a must-have for the parents of bookworms who demand to hear the same stories over and over (and OVER) each night before bed.

    literati / Via

    Why they're great: You get to try five books and *then* decide if you want to buy them! If you and your little reader aren't impressed after a week, you can just send 'em back (for free!). Each box is also designed for a specific age group, which is very convenient.

    Get it from Literati: Club Sprout (for preschoolers) or Club Sage (ages 7–9) for $9.95 a month

    9. Sensory Theraplay Box, so you and your kiddos can look forward to a box filled with exciting toys that'll not only keep them entertained but also assist in therapeutic play.

    Sensory Theraplay Box

    Why they're great: These awesome boxes are curated by a pediatric OT, so you can rest assured your kids will have toys that are both fun for them to play with *and* be calming or help manage anxiety. The monthly box is mainly curated for children with autism and sensory needs, but is great for all kids.

    Get the month to month subscription from Sensory Theraplay Box for $39.95.

    10. Just Like Me Box will deliver engaging books filled with characters of color to your doorstep to promote self-love, self-discovery *and* a love for reading. What more could you wish for?

    justlikemebox / Via

    Why they're great: It can be difficult to find products in which kids can truly seem themselves β€” and that's why the Just Like Me Box is extra special. It'll provide kiddos with books to relate to and inspire them to engage in creative play.

    Get a monthly subscription from Just Like Me Box for $28 a month.

    11. Girls Can Crate, designed to empower girls and teach them about tons of incredible female role models from the past and present through fun activities.

    girlscancrate / Via, Girls Can Crate

    Why they're great: Who wouldn't want their little girl to know from an early age that they can be whoever they want to be and do anything???? This box jumpstarts that mentality by providing kids with a 28-page story, an activity book, 2–3 hands-on science and art activities, a collectible button and a tote bag.

    Get the three-month prepaid subscription from Girls Can Crate for $32.95 a month.

    12. Unicorn Dream Box will likely leave that adorable tiny human screaming in high-pitched excited tones all of your neighbors will hear. My bad.


    Why they're great: It's an absolute must-have for any kiddo who LIVES for unicorns, magic, and sparkles. Need I say more?

    Get the 4–6 item Unicorn Dream Box from Cratejoy for $22 a month.

    13. Little Global Citizen can help you introduce your kiddo to countries from around the globe *and* learn about their own culture.

    littleglobalcitizens / Via

    Why they're great: Each box comes with an authentic guide to make your little one feel like they're traveling through a new country. It also comes with 2–3 educator-developed crafts, 2–3 screen-free cultural activities the whole family can enjoy, recipes, language lessons, and a story book.

    Get the bi-monthly subscription box from Little Global Citizens for $39.95 every two months.

    14. Green Kids Crafts will deliver age-appropriate science and art kits, which will be a huge help for parents trying to homeschool their kids right now.

    Green Kid Crafts

    Why they're great: Each box is themed (who doesn't love a theme???) and is designed by both kids and experts, so your little one is sure to find something they love inside! The delivery is complete with a magazine featuring a number of activities, parent resources, and puzzles, an eco-friendly craft, an educator-approved book, and a STREAM project.

    Get the Discover Box subscription (for ages 5–10+) from Green Kids Crafts for $24.95 a month.

    15. Monti Kids, so you and your tyke can engage with Montessori educator-approved toys without even having to set foot in a toy store *and* gain access to all kinds of educational resources.

    montikids / Via

    Why they're great: Not only will you and your child receive a box of educational toys each month, but you'll gain access to the Monti Kids Learning Center which is packed with instructional videos, research, and tips. You will also be able to communicate with other exclusive members of the Monti Kids community in addition to receiving personal support from Montessori educators.

    Get it from Monti Kids for $297 every three months.

    16. Guide Dots will encourage your kiddo to express their more artistic side without you having to scavenge for coloring materials in the bottom of your desk drawer. You're welcome.

    Why they're great: There are two levels to Guide Dots β€” one for kiddos learning how to focus on having fun while improving their drawing and dexterity skills, the other encourages older kids to be more confident in making artistic decisions. The best part? All of the supplies come with the box each month!

    Get the Discover Art kit (for ages 4–7) from Guide Dots for $89.99 every three months.

    17. Lovevery's play kit subscription as a great addition to your tyke's toy collection β€” with so many options to choose from they'll never get bored (so YOU can watch some TV!).


    Why they're great: Lovevery will deliver a box to your kiddo every 2–3 months depending on what stage they're in. All you have to do is enter your baby's birthday and you'll find yourself with a plethora of boxes to choose from!

    Get it from Lovevery: Senser Play Kit (for ages 5–6 months) or the Realist Play Kit (for ages 19–21 months) both for $36 a month

    18. Raddish Kids is a cooking club for kids that'll help them expand their tastebuds (fingers crossed) and learn new skills they can show off in the kitchen.

    Raddish Kids

    Why they're great: Each monthly kit features a themed kit β€” seasonal, global, or holiday. It'll keep things fresh and fun so your kids don't get bored ... not that I know any little ones who would get tired of cooking with their parent on the reg.

    Get the monthly kit from Raddish Kids for $25 a month.

    19. Learning Crates will arrive on your doorstep filled with books and activities in addition to being personalized with your kiddo's name β€” so fun.


    Why they're great: Each box is carefully curated to reflect your child's interests and grade level (thanks to an easy-to-fill-out survey). And who doesn't enjoy seeing their name on something? It'll make your kiddo feel extra special.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $26.99.

    20. Toy Box Monthly, a must-have for any little one who has been seemingly jealous of all of *your* deliveries and would truly appreciate some mail of their own.


    Why they're great: This monthly box comes with 4–6 toys licensed from Star Wars, Lego, Marvel, DC Comics, and more! The impending delivery of this box might just help you convince your tyke to finish their broccoli!

    Get it from Cratejoy for $22.92 a month.

    21. And Mission Unboxable, which can turn you and your family into *secret agents* as you uncover fun tasks and dive into all kinds of spy gadgets each month.

    Mission Unboxable

    Why they're great: This is an awesome role playing activity for kids! You can choose to have a mission delivered every month or every 3, 6, or 12 months *or* you can just order a big briefcase full of missions all at once! It'll challenge all of your brains to think without electronics.

    Get a three-month subscription from Mission Unboxable for $45.

    Hang in there parents, you got this!


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