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    39 Disney Home Decor Products To Make Your House Feel Like Magic

    From a Baby Yoda night light to a Haunted Mansion shower curtain, your house is going to look like Walt decorated it for you when you're through with this post.

    1. A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit to keep you busy for a bit and leave you with a spooktacular piece of art for your home.

    the cross stitch set

    2. A Baby Yoda night-light that, for lack of a better term, will become the *light of your life*.

    3. A plush pillow shaped like everyone's favorite mouse — perfect for sobbing into while watching The Lion King, UP, or basically any Disney movie ever made. I don't make the rules, I just follow them, OK?

    Mickey mouse head shaped pillows on a bed

    4. Decals of Jaq and Gus to place at the bottom of any wall to make it seem like they're off to save Cinderelly or snack on some corn kernels — any Disney fan will appreciate this subtle decoration.

    a black silhouette of gus gus and jaw holding a key and scurrying into a mouse hole

    5. Or a decal of Remy from Ratatouille you'll surely want to *add to cart* after seeing the sure-to-be fantastic TikTok musical.

    a silhouette of remy wearing a chef's hat and the words "anyone can cook"

    6. A cord protector that'll let you *magically* charge your phone and prevent your wire from being frayed. Added bonus? It's a surprise which one you'll receive!

    the eight different characters that can be attached to a cord

    7. A Baby Yoda magnet for any household who is tired of asking each other, "is the dishwasher clean or dirty?" before rummaging through the cabinet for a mug.

    a magnet with two sides, one that shows baby yoda holding a mug and the other with a frog in his mouth

    8. A Zero-shaped lamp to quickly become the light of your life — it's so darn cute, how could it not?

    a glowing, lit-up zero lamp

    9. A pin board starring all of your favorite Disney locations, a must-have for anyone who has been well-versed in convincing others to trade them their most beloved pin since they first set foot in the Magic Kingdom as a kid.

    a cork board with the four disney parks on it and the words "and i think to myself it's a wonderful world"

    10. A 90th Anniversary Mickey Waffle Maker with a 4.9 star rating — you'll love using it to recreate your favorite Walt Disney World breakfast whenever you're feeling a little homesick for the parks.

    a reviewer's photo of mickey waffles

    11. A playful stand you can use to transform your Amazon Echo Dot into Baby Yoda — gadgets deserve to get in on the fun, too.

    an amazon echo dot in a case that makes it look like it has baby yoda ears

    12. A piece of art from Laura Stites Art, for anyone who worships The Mouse but prefers a more minimal taste when it comes to the art they choose to put up in their home.

    13. A Haunted Mansion shower curtain that'll ensure the *ghost that follows you home* will feel, well, right at home in your bathroom.

    the iconic purple wallpaper from the haunted mansion as a shower curtain

    14. A splurge-worthy Barefoot Dreams blanket starring Mickey and Minnie you can showcase 24/7 on your couch when you're not wrapped up in it.

    a model wrapped in a white blanket with a silhouette of mickey and minnie kissing on it

    15. A key ring holder of either Disney Parks icons or the monorail to hang up near your front door — it'll be perfect for wrangling your keys and face masks so you'll never leave home without 'em again.

    16. A welcome mat with the original Walt Disney Company castle logo on it (y'know, the ones you used to see when starting up a VHS tape?) that'll immediately make anyone who sets foot in front of your house feel at home.

    a doormat that says home on it with the disney castle as an O

    17. An ink-and-paint kitchen towel set to bring some magic to your next cooking sesh (fingers crossed it *also* helps that new recipe you've been wanting to try actually come out as something edible).

    white kitchen towels with semi-colored in sketches of Disney characters

    18. Handmade pieces of decor from Enchanted CharactEARS to help you add a subtle Disney accent to your home.

    19. A throw pillow cover you can snuggle with while your enchanted silverware *sings you off to sleep as you digest* which honestly sounds quite lovely to me (not that you asked, but here we are).

    an off white throw pillow with be our guest written on it in black script lettering

    20. A neon light that'll prove once and for all that you're a proud member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

    unlit neon light on black painted wall in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears

    21. An elegant breakfast tray for the lazy weekend mornings when you'd prefer your Mickey waffles to be served to you directly in bed while you watch virtual versions of the parade on a loop.

    a wooden breakfast tray with a mickey waffle on a plate with eggs and bacon drawn on it

    22. A ceramic pet bowl that'll let the Pluto to your Mickey get in on the Disney fun.

    a round ceramic dog bowl with a black white and grey mickey design on it and a red accent around the edge

    23. A Mickey-shaped cheese board and tools set so you can create the spread of your Disney dreams for your next movie marathon and keep it on theme.

    the wooden mickey-shaped cheese board with a drawer out filled with cheese knives

    24. A too-cute Chip 'n' Dale magnet to stick on your fridge that'll pay tribute to the good old days when you'd wake up bright and early to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

    the magnet that looks like an old tv with chip and dale on the screen

    25. Any scent from Main Street Melts Candle Co, because you've probably been missing the Magic Kingdom more than you'd care to admit so you might as well make your home smell like it.

    26. Nightmare Before Christmas-themed wooden spoons that'll have any chef saying "well, well, well, what have we here?" with delight each time they grab one to stir a sauce.

    27. A stylish statement clock to ensure you're never rushing around your home exclaiming "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"

    28. A furry Wampa rug any Star Wars enthusiast wouldn't think twice about adding into their home decor.

    the white wampa rug

    29. A Groot planter you can keep on your desk and fill with succulents or pens — a perfect workday companion since he doesn't say all that much.

    the groot planter with succulents in the top of his head

    30. An elegant 13-piece Disney Princess tea set, worthy of a royal affair complete with scones, petit fours, and other bite-sized delights.

    the tea set

    31. Vintage-style patent posters of iconic Disneyland attractions that'll be the finishing touch on the magical bedroom you worked so hard to create — Walt would be proud.

    the six different patent posters

    32. A Chia Pet that'll let you raise your own precious foundling with love and care — just like Mando with Baby Yoda.

    33. Disney Princess sheets and pillowcases so you can feel like Sleeping Beauty every night no matter how old you get.

    disney princess sheets with belle, jasmine, ariel, aurora, cinderella, and rapunzel on them

    34. The Disney Princess: A Celebration of Art and Creativity featuring art and behind the scenes info about their favorite leading ladies — it'll look perfect on your coffee table.

    35. A daily calendar that'll bring trivia, quotes, and photos from Disney and Pixar films right to your desk every day.

    36. A postcard box filled to the brim with special Disney illustrations starring your favorite characters — perfect for hanging up as decor or for utilizing as a last-minute birthday card.

    37. Coasters shaped like classic foods from the Disney Parks to soothe your craving when you can't get there in person and protect your coffee table from Mickey-shaped rings.

    the four coasters

    38. A Mandalorian-inspired tea box that'll ensure your favorite beverage will be on hand for you to whip up right before diving into a new episode.

    39. And wooden wall art so you can pretend you're dining in Tiana's Palace or Tony's Restaurant after you whip up something delicious in your own kitchen.

    Admiring my home that's only decorated with Disney products like:

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