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41 Little Gifts The Baker In Your Life Will Probably Love

Whether you're looking to give them something practical or punny, we've got you covered.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A smiling baguette enamel pin for your pal who took up baking during quarantine and hasn't stopped talking about their sourdough starter since.

the pin

2. A cookie scoop, so all of their precious balls of dough will come out *exactly* the same size and look simply stunning before everyone in the house gobbles 'em up.

a reviewer photo of cookie dough balls neatly arranged and the same size behind the cookie scoop

3. A silly pot holder, guaranteed to make longtime fans of The Great British Baking Show smile like they'd just gotten a handshake from Paul Hollywood.

a blue quilted pot holder with a pie on it and the words "nobody likes a soggy bottom"

4. A floral tin recipe box from Rifle Paper Co. to help them *try* and break the habit of calling their mom to ask how long to bake the cookies for, since they'll be able to pull the instructions out as needed.

5. An 8-inch strainer with a nonslip grip handle, a must-have for anyone who likes to carefully cover their baked goods in powdered sugar.

6. A pie press gadget they can use to make hand pies — a must-have for smaller holiday gatherings so everyone can enjoy an individual treat with *their* favorite filling instead of settling on just one type of pie.

7. A vintage-styled food ornament, so even their Christmas tree will pay tribute to their favorite treats or ingredients.

8. A rustic wooden stand that'll hold their cookbook or tablet so they'll be able to follow along with any recipe hands-free.

the wooden cookbook holder that is somewhat shaped like a cutting board

9. A handheld knife sharpener they can use to bring their most-used kitchen utensils back to life in a flash so they can chop up chocolate, nuts, and all those other delicious things they typically add into their brownies.

someone using the small, handheld knife sharpener

10. A pack of oven liners to protect the bottom of their oven from any overflow/oozing and let them continue on pretending they're competing on The Great British Baking Show worry-free.

11. Guitar-shaped bamboo kitchen utensils for your musician friend who moonlights as a baker on their off-hours.

12. A Bluapple that'll preserve the freshness of their produce by up to THREE MONTHS, can you believe?! All they have to do is toss it in their crisper drawer and let it do its thing.

13. A sheet pan with individual wells to help them live out their dreams of making personalized brownies.

the pan with brownies in it

14. A colorful set of salt and pepper grinders that'll look *chef's kiss* perfect in anyone's kitchen.

15. A 52-piece cake decorating set your baking buddy will be absolutely delighted over — they can *finally* whip up one of those adorable unicorn cakes for fun.

16. A brown sugar bear that is as cute as it is functional and will keep their sugar from getting hard as a rock over time. Do you hear that? It's Duff Goldman applauding your gift giving skills.

17. A cookbook filled with 100 cookie recipes to ensure they never get bored in the kitchen.

a cover of a book with a bunch of cookies on it

18. A cutting board and strainer combo, because who wouldn't appreciate a two-in-one item that'll save 'em room in their kitchen?

a white cutting board with red accents and a strainer set on one side of it to place over the sink for drainage

19. A bookshelf print filled with some of the greatest cook books of all time that'll look simply delicious hanging in their kitchen.

illustrated book spines including the art of simple food, how to cook everything, and mastering the art of french cooking

20. A culinary blow torch so they can *finally* make their own baked Alaska after watching various chefs do it on TV for years.

21. A snack bar silicone mold they can use to easily make chocolate bars or other fun treats that'll make it seem like they're a real pro in the kitchen.

a teal green snack bar mold filled with various homemade treats

22. A nonstick donut pan they'll be so glad they own after rewatching that old donut episode of Unwrapped.

23. A mini baking dish they can use to make a flawless French onion soup that'll leave everyone on Instagram's mouth watering.

a small baking bowl with three rows of stone-like color on it in purple, green, and tan

24. Reusable baking cups so they can say "see ya!" to getting frustrated while attempting to peel the paper off their freshly baked muffins and cupcakes.

25. An adjustable rolling pin that'll help them roll any dough to a specific width. I see a lot of pizza, pies, and cookies in your future after giving this gift.

26. Oven mitts they'll love ~beary~ much — especially because they're actually heat-resistant.

a model wearing two oven mitts that look like bear paws

27. A cookie swap box they can use to neatly transport their treasured holiday bakes — or fill it with *your* best recipe and deliver it to their door as a surprise.

28. An 8-in-1 kitchen gadget tool complete with a funnel, a juicer, a grater, an egg cracker, a shredder, a can opener, an egg separator, and a measuring cup. They'll never be without a must-have tool again!

a measuring cup with other gadgets stacked on top of it as well as a bottle top that's actually a funnel, making the entire product look like a colorful plastic bottle

29. A selfie ring light for when they want to stream on Instagram Live and have perfect lighting while showcasing the delicious recipe they just created.

a white circle slipped over the top of a fun surrounded by tiny lights

30. A batter dispenser, that'll create perfectly sized cupcakes that honestly could be featured on the cover of a magazine.

the batter dispenser with cupcakes cooling on a kitchen counter

31. Adorable cat measuring spoons that'll make them want to stop opening gifts and whip up a fresh batch of cookies right ~meow~.

the cat measuring spoons

32. Claire Saffitz's book, Dessert Person to inspire them to try out a whole slew of new recipes (and hopefully share 'em with you).

33. An embossed rolling pin featuring an array of Harry Potter–inspired designs that'll let any baker transform their standard sugar cookies into one any of the Weasleys would happily gobble down.

the rolling pin with cookies imprinted with Harry Potter designs

34. A devilish gadget they can use to pull out pesky toaster trays or oven racks without burning their fingers.

a red smiling rubber tool with devil ears

35. A reversible silicone baking mat to keep their baking sheets nice 'n' clean. Let's be honest, no one enjoys scraping pans for an hour after making dinner.

two baking sheets with white baking mats with circles as guides for cookies

36. A precious spatula and cookie cutter gift set you can toss into their stocking for an extra cute surprise.

the spatula, cookie cutter

37. Stainless-steel mixing bowls that'll nest nicely inside one another so they won't have to worry about where the heck they're going to store six bowls in their tiny (but efficient!) kitchen.

38. A personalized cookie stamp kit so your baking bestie can add silly messages to the constant desserts you're begging them to whip up for you.

a star-shaped cookie with the words "made and eaten by me" on it next to a then plastic stamp with white letters in it

39. A three-tiered cooling rack so they can make tons of snickerdoodles without fretting over not having enough counter space for them all to cool.

the black three tiered wire rack

40. An easy-to-make blueberry scone mix from Stonewall Kitchen that'll make any morning merry and bright.

a blueberry scone

41. And a Star Baker apron to protect their clothes from flour, oil, and other debris that can usually be found flying around their kitchen.

a model wearing a black apron with the words "star baker" on it in white and a decorative flourish below the words

What your baking bestie probably looks like every weekend:

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